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Thursday, April 21, 2011

John Leary: At the Great Warning 2

Date:Sun, 2008-07-06
Prophet: John Leary
At the Great Warning 2
At the Great Warning

Messages to John Leary
Thursday, July 3, 2008 (St. Thomas)

Jesus said: My people, during the WARNING you will be given the knowledge to NOT take a microchip in your body, and NOT to worship the Antichrist. Some souls will have a desire to be converted, while others will return to their former sinful lifestyles. Those, who have a DESIRE TO BE SAVED, will also be made aware of a desire to be led to My refuges by their angels, when the evil ones will take over. Those, who SINCERELY DESIRE to be with Me, will be open to having their guardian angels lead them to the safety of My refuges, where My angels will protect them. Be grateful that I will offer My protection for all of those who love Me and want to be converted.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jesus said: My people, these visions are a preview of what it will be like DURING THE WARNING, OR AT YOUR DEATH, when you will review each day of your life outside of time and out of your body. The flowers are shown because each day lasts but a moment and it is over, even as flowers last but a short time. Each day, that is given to you in life, is an opportunity for grace and good deeds. At your mini-judgment, or judgment at your death, you will be held ACCOUNTABLE for what you did for each day of your life. You will be held ACCOUNTABLE for how you loved Me and your neighbor each day. You will also be ACCOUNTABLE for how you used your talents and gifts. Your good deeds and kindnesses will store up TREASURE for you in heaven. You will be MOST ACCOUNTABLE for your sins of both commission and omission.

During your Warning experience, you will be able to remember vividly all of the sins, that you did NOT have forgiven in Confession, and those sins of omission that were not mentioned either. You will have a deep sorrow for your sins, and a strong desire to seek My forgiveness, the forgiveness of those that you violated, and a need to forgive others of offenses against you. Many souls returning to their bodies [after the Warning experience] will be most open to your evangelization for conversion and a return to My sacraments, especially Confession.

Be ready to bring as many souls to Me as possible, as the Warning will be one of My greatest extensions of My mercy that you have yet to experience. Give praise and glory to Me for granting this grace of My mercy to even the most grievous of sinners. Everyone will be given this same opportunity at the same time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John Leary: Great Warning preparation for Final Judgment

Date: Fri, 2010-04-30

Prophet: John Leary

Great Warning preparation for Final Judgment

Message to John Leary, USA
Friday, April 30, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel of St. John I told My apostles that I was going to prepare a place for them. In My house in heaven there are many mansions for every soul that comes to heaven. When people DIE, many souls come to Me in JUDGMENT through this same tunnel. The vision of many lights means that a large number of souls will be coming to Me ALL AT ONCE when the GREAT WARNING experience comes to EVERYONE on earth. This will be LIKE A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE because you will come to Me out of your body, outside of time. There will be no waiting, but you will see how your actions will be judged as if you died just then. Once you have YOUR LIFE REVIEW AND MINI-JUDGMENT, you will have My grace and My mercy to RETURN to your bodies, and you will have an opportunity to repent and change your lives. Once you have this knowledge of your sins, you will be held MORE ACCOUNTABLE for the rest of your life. This Warning will be a PREPARATION FOR YOUR FINAL JUDGMENT and the TRIBULATION. There will be a great need for priests for Confessions as you evangelize souls, and these souls will be more open to repentance. Then there will be no more questions of where they will be going.”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, this rotating tunnel is another view of the tunnel that you will be coming through to see Me both AT YOUR DEATH and AT THE WARNING. The [Great] Warning will come FIRST, but the vision of a wedding banquet in heaven is My promise to My faithful for those who follow My Commandments. The fact, that I have been giving you THESE KIND OF MESSAGES FREQUENTLY, is another sign that this experience is GETTING CLOSER. If you are practicing your faith and following My ways, you will have nothing to fear. For those, who are in MORTAL SIN, it would be better to go to CONFESSION quickly so you do not have to face the possibility of SEEING WHAT HELL IS LIKE in your Warning experience. Living a good Christian life is your BEST PREPARATION for the Warning. Then there will be no surprises.”

John Leary: Signs and symbols of Great Warning

Date: Sun, 2010-12-26
Prophet: John Leary

Signs and Symbols of Great Warning

Messages to John Leary
December 26th, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, all of the SIGNS AND SYMBOLS IN THE VISION are another description of the COMING GREAT WARNING. The stage of life is where you perform your daily actions, both good and bad. The flames represent the souls of life who are each accountable in their life review. The circling glass clock means that the TIME OF THE GREAT WARNING IS GETTING CLOSE. Your LIFE REVIEW will focus on your UNFORGIVEN SINS, so your best preparation is to go to FREQUENT CONFESSION at least monthly.

The Great Warning will be an opportunity for even the worst sinner to have a SECOND CHANCE at changing their lifestyle. This will be a SPIRITUAL WAKE-UP CALL also for all the LUKEWARM SOULS who could be lost if they do not change their lazy ways. Your judgment will show you WHERE YOU ARE HEADED if you continue on your present path. Returning to your body will give you a second chance to be saved which is MORE than those who die without this opportunity. Keep focused on Me as your love that you would want to be with. By accepting Me as Master of your life and seeking the forgiveness of your sins, you could receive eternal life in heaven.”

December 27th, 2010

Jesus said:
“My people, Saint John is the one apostle who loved Me most as His Master.
He was the ONLY apostle not to be martyred, and he took care of My Blessed Mother in her later years. He wrote his Gospel later with a heavy emphasis on My Resurrection, as he saw the empty tomb in today’s Gospel. He also wrote some letters and the BOOK OF REVELATION on Patmos.

His WRITINGS ARE WORDS OF HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT for My faithful. His words on eating My Body and drinking My Blood that would give eternal life are VERY DIRECT AND PROFOUND. His words about the END TIMES are very CONNECTED to My son’s [meant is John Leary's] mission of preparation.

[To John Leary:] Continue to proclaim My promises, and keep leading My people to My refuges of protection. Know that in the end I will defeat the evil ones and bring about My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said:
“My people, with a steady number of VOLCANIC EXPLOSIONS, you have seen a lot of smoke and particles get placed in the upper atmosphere.

With a sufficient amount of clouds and dust, there could be a REDUCED AMOUNT of sunlight that could have a COOLING EFFECT on the earth’s temperature. UNLESS there is an increase in SUNSPOT ACTIVITY, there may be more global cooling than global warming.

Just when scientists think global trends are going in one direction, then NATURAL OCCURRENCES CREATE AN EQUILIBRIUM WITH NO NET CHANGE. The bigger events will be going on with an INCREASE IN EVIl more than any natural disasters.

Pray that My faithful will be ready to go to My refuges before more of My faithful are martyred.”