Thursday, April 24, 2014

Christ speaks to us about the Warning (03/28/2014)

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(PART 2)
March 28-2014
Brothers and sisters:
The Warning has been announced at Garabandal, an event that keeps believers and nonbelievers alert.
The Warning was given to me to suffer in advance, this does not exonerate me from the instant in which I must live it like all human beings. Christ made me understand that the Warning is a product of an impious man who has given himself into the clutches of evil, and it is because of that, that humanity’s wickedness will generate the fulfillment of this event out of Divine Mercy.
This event has a spiritual origin. From days before the Warning man will perceive within himself the proximity of this Act of Divine Mercy. Cosmic intervention cannot be separated, for well in advance, scientists will spy an asteroid that approaches Earth, they will alert humanity and expectancy will be chaotic. The imminence of the asteroid’s route towards the Earth will alert all of humanity. Man will see the asteroid and terror will seize human beings, but that the ever-present Divine Hand will act to blow up the asteroid and it will not reach the Earth, although its destruction will be seen by humanity, some fragments will fall upon the Earth without causing greater damages.
The light the explosion of the asteroid will release will be so great that the human eye will be left as if blinded, a fact that will disturb an already terrified man. Some might even lose their life by suffering a heart attack before the terror that will invade them because of the unknown.
Thus we see that this day all men will know that their conscience will be scrutinized, as the origin of Divine Mercy. After this, humanity will enter into a chaos fatal as never before…
The Warning is not far from humanity, that is why they call us constantly to be true. A very big weapon the devil is using is untruth.
We have our expectations and hopes in the Warning for humanity to be better and we are never more wrong as when we think like this. The Warning is something personal, it is something of the conscience, yes it is something of the conscience. But what will happen with those who have no conscience? They are going to forget and deny the Warning because they have no conscience, they are going to say it was manipulated by the Church or other interests. The Warning is something totally personal, we know that it will take place like a movie for us, but it is not Christ who will show us the movie, it is us who are going to show all of our works and actions of life to ourselves: the good we have done and the evil we have committed, as well as the good we have ceased to do; we ourselves will judge what we have done and how we have acted. We will know if we have done it well or not.
 I think about the people who have a conscience, but about those who do not have a conscience for good. Will they be able to see the evil they have done? And will they be aware? Will they accept that evil? They will be able to see the evil they have done and the good they have ceased to do. And there each one will then go about, I would not say judging, but rather that there each one will finish defining himself or herself, to make the decision: evil or good. What side am I on?
In all the corners of the Earth, man’s mind will shake, not out of fear, but out of trepidation towards what he sees and is unknown to him, all that is in motion will fall but the Hand of Christ will not allow lives to be lost, for the effect of the asteroid will interrupt all the systems of communication. People experiencing great fear will want to reach their homes and man will panic; some will lash out against others fighting for the survival of the body and not of the soul. Immediately that light will cease to be that of the asteroid to be Divine Light, in the conscience of each and every human being, then everyone will be taken in a particular way.
The conscience, which is like man’s memory card, for it registers even the most minimal act or work done by him, will make man seek refuge in the face of the fear he will suffer. The fear will be generated by the evil that has seized human beings, otherwise, the Warning would have been mitigated since, as it will be a torment so great for those conscious of Christ’s absence, for those who are not conscious of the Divine Presence within them, will enter directly into panic and from there they will pass the scrutiny of themselves. They will be instants, seconds that will seem unending, and the pain in everyone will be the same as that suffered by the souls in the greatest punishment of hell: the remoteness of Christ, the pain of not having Him.
It will seem like hours, but it will be instants and after that instant has passed, immediately the person will have his liberty. It will be an instant, some seconds in which our entire life will pass, all our works and acts before us, except that in those instants we will not have free will, rather we will be before all that we have done. Immediately after the Warning has passed, free will will enter again and many will say: this is a work and manipulation of Science so that we go through all of this and so we do not believe that this event came from God, and continue on the side of evil.
That is why the Warning is a test for the conscience, that is why we must exercise our conscience now. Because it is a test for the conscience of each one of us, it is not something that will modify the course of coming events. What will happen, what needs to happen, will happen. It will be a test, to modify our works and our actions, so that our conscience is greater and is able to understand what it has not understood before, those who freely want it so.
Then the persecution of the Church of Christ will take place, the arrival of the antichrist will likewise come about, wars will begin, famines will come and plagues will come, because the Warning is not there to modify the course of events; it is there, I would say, to modify man’s conscience. It is a test for my conscience.
What the Warning will do is make us more aware, so that we see with another perspective. It will help us become more aware of all that is happening. The more awareness we have now, the greater opportunity.
The evil creature of satan will take his active part within humanity getting all those who are lukewarm to rebel and those who do not believe in Christ to act more on satan’s side, allowing him to take the reigns on all their works and acts, and the wickedness of the devil will spill in its entirety within men. Bloody instants, grinding of teeth where man will not know good, only and only the Holy Remnant will remain as small lights that illuminate the Earth.
In this moment, do parents speak to their children of what is happening? But these children who are going to suffer the Warning, are already formed and have taken a conscience and a decision that is very erroneous and mistaken. That is why we have the duty to act, now! Rather we are acting late.
I know that the conscience is a Gift from God, but just as life is a Gift from God and man has despised life, so the conscience is a Gift from God and man despises the conscience.
We ask Christ to give us His Word:
“Jesus took the Twelve aside and told them, ‘We are going up to Jerusalem, and everything that is written by the prophets about the Son of Man will be fulfilled. He will be delivered over to the Gentiles. They will mock him, insult him and spit upon him; they will flog him and kill him. On the third day he will rise again.’ The disciples did not understand any of this. Its meaning was hidden from them, and they did not know what he was talking about.”
The Word of the Lord. (Lk. 18: 31-34)
Just as all that Christ tells us now and we do not want to understand, so many of the things Christ told his disciples, they did not understand until after. Then we, when we understand, will say: yes, it was true! And we will lament with tears of blood for not having acted.