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Biblical references to the three days of darkness

These are all from the Douay Rheims bible:

And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch out they hand towards heaven: and may there be darkness upon the land of Egypt, so thick that it may be felt. And Moses stretch forth his hand towards heaven: and there came horrible darkness in all the land of Egypt for three days. No man saw his brother, nor moved himself out of the place where he was: but wheresoever the children of Israel dwelt there was light. - Exodus 10:21-23

Now the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonas: and Jonas was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights. - Jonah 2:1

For as Jonas was in the whale's belly three days and three nights: so shall the Son of man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. - Matthew 12:40

And Saul, as yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest, And asked of him letters to Damascus, to the synagogues: that if he found any men and women of this way, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem. And as he went on his journey, it came to pass that he drew nigh to Damascus; and suddenly a light from heaven shined round about him. And falling on the ground, he heard a voice saying to him: Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? Who said: Who art thou, Lord? And he: I am Jesus whom thou persecutest. It is hard for thee to kick against the goad. And he trembling and astonished, said: Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said to him: Arise, and go into the city, and there it shall be told thee what thou must do. Now the men who went in company with him, stood amazed, hearing indeed a voice, but seeing no man. And Saul arose from the ground; and when his eyes were opened, he saw nothing. But they leading him by the hands, brought him to Damascus. And he was there three days, without sight, and he did neither eat nor drink.

By the wrath of the Lord of hosts the land is troubled, and the people shall be as fuel for the fire: no man shall spare his brother. (Isaiah 9:19, some translations use darkened for troubled)

Blow ye the trumpet in Sion, sound an alarm in my holy mountain, let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: because the day of the Lord cometh, because it is nigh at hand, A day of darkness, and of gloominess, a day of clouds and whirlwinds: a numerous and strong people as the morning spread upon the mountains: the like to it hath not been from the beginning, nor shall be after it even to the years of generation and generation. Joel 2:1-2

Nations, nations in the valley of destruction: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of destruction. The sun and the moon are darkened, and the stars have withdrawn their shining. And the Lord shall roar out of Sion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem: and the heavens and the earth shall be moved, and the Lord shall be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel. Joel 3:14-16

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1968 Prophecy by a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman

This prophecy was given by a 90 year old woman in Norway 42 years ago about events leading up to the second coming of Christ. An Evangelist by the name of Emanuel Minos wrote this prophecy down in 1968 and thought it was so extreme that he put it away. He recently reviewed the prophecy and was amazed that it is not "extreme" anymore--but the norm in our society. Read the prophecy below.

An old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in 1968. The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings (services) where she lived. He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unintelligible that he put it in a drawer. Now, almost 30 years later, he understands he has to share the vision with others.

The woman from Valdres was a very alert, reliable, awake and credible Christian, with a good reputation among all who knew her. This is what she saw:

"I saw the time just before the coming of Jesus and the outbreak of the Third World War. I saw the events with my natural eyes. I saw the world like a kind of a globe and saw Europe, land by land. I saw Scandinavia. I saw Norway. I saw certain things that would take place just before the return of Jesus, and just before the last calamity happens, a calamity the likes of which we have never before experienced.

She mentioned four waves:

1. "First before Jesus comes and before the Third World War breaks out there will be a ‘détente’ like we have never had before. There will be peace between the super powers in the east and the west, and there will be a long peace. (Remember, that this was in 1968 when the cold war was at its highest. E. Minos) In this period of peace there will be disarmament in many countries, also in Norway and we are not prepared when it (the war) comes. The Third World War will begin in a way no one would have anticipated - and from an unexpected place.

2. "A lukewarmness without parallel will take hold of the Christians, a falling away from true, living Christianity. Christians will not be open for penetrating preaching. They will not, like in earlier times, want to hear of sin and grace, law and gospel, repentance and restoration. There will come a substitute instead: prosperity (happiness) Christianity.

"The important thing will be to have success, to be something; to have material things, things that God never promised us in this way. Churches and prayer houses will be emptier and emptier. Instead of the preaching we have been used to for generations -like, to take your cross up and follow Jesus, - entertainment, art and culture will invade the churches where there should have been gatherings for repentance and revival. This will increase markedly just before the return of Jesus.

3. "There will be a moral disintegration that old Norway has never experienced the likes of. People will live together like married without being married. (I do not believe the concept 'co-habitor'? existed in 1968 - E. Minos.) Much uncleanness before marriage, and much infidelity in marriage will become the natural (the common), and it will be justified from every angle. It will even enter Christian circles and we pet it - even sin against nature. Just before Jesus return there will be TV- programs like we have never experienced. (TV had just arrived in Norway in 1968. E. Minos)

"TV will be filled with such horrible violence that it teaches people to murder and destroy each other, and it will be unsafe in our streets. People will copy what they see. There will not be only one station on TV, it will be filled with stations (She did not know the word 'channel' which we use today. Therefore she called them stations. E. Minos.) TV will be just like the radio where we have many stations and it will be filled with violence. People will use it for entertainment. We will see terrible scenes of murder and destruction one of the other, and this will spread in society. Sex scenes will also be shown on the screen, the most intimate things that takes place in a marriage." (I protested and said, we have a paragraph that forbids this kind of thing. E. Minos.) There the old woman said: "It will happen, and you will see it. All we have had before will be broken down, and the most indecent things will pass before our eyes."

4. "People from poor countries will stream to Europe. (In 1968 there was no such thing as immigration. E. Minos.) They will also come to Scandinavia - and Norway. There will be so many of them that people will begin to dislike them and become hard with them. They will be treated like the Jews before the Second World War. Then the full measure of our sins will have been reached (I protested at the issue of immigration. I did not understand it at the time. E. Minos.)

The tears streamed from the old woman's eyes down her cheeks. "I will not see it, but you will. Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war." (She saw it in the vision.)

"All that I have seen of war before is only child's play compared to this one, and it will be ended with a nuclear atom bomb. The air will be so polluted that one cannot draw one's breath. It will cover several continents, America, Japan, Australia and the wealthy nations. The water will be ruined (contaminated?). We can no longer till the soil. The result will be that only a remnant will remain. The remnant in the wealthy countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will be as hard on us as we were on them.

"I am so glad that I will not see it, but when the time draws near, you must take courage and tell this. I have received it from God, and nothing of it goes against what the Bible tells.

"The one who has his sin forgiven and has Jesus as Savior and Lord, is safe."


An elder in the Pentecostal Church at Moss, Norway, Martin Andersen, heard the following prophecy in 1937, in Moss:

"When oil comes out of the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast, things will begin to happen, and the return of Jesus is approaching."

When these words had been proclaimed, people stood up in the congregation and asked the man to sit down and not speak such nonsense. In 1937 it was indeed nonsense to talk about oil being pumped along the Norwegian coast. Today all the world's big oil companies are pumping oil along the coast of Norway. Norway is the world's second greatest exporter of oil - after Saudi Arabia.


The Jesuit and the Miracle

This is an article from Joey Lomanigino.
As the four young seers of Garabandal went into ecstasy on this date in 1961, something wonderful happened that had never occurred before. A young man was present with them, clearly visible in the presence of the Blessed Virgin. As he came to kneel down beside them they heard him say" Miracle, Miracle!"

Our Lady seemed to address him directly, "You will soon be with me" and confided to the girls that this man, Father Luis Maria Andreu Rodamilans S.J. was also in ecstasy and had been granted a vision of the Great Miracle that would occur in their village sometime in the future.

Father Andreu was the son of a very pious Bilbao family. Three of his brothers became Jesuit missionaries. Luis also discerned the call to become a missionary priest and joined the Jesuits with plans of preaching the gospel in China.

A Doctor of Theology, he spoke seven languages fluently and became the resident Professor of Theology at the Jesuit College at Ona, Spain. He remained behind in part to care for his aging mother who had generously given all her children to serve the mission fields of the Roman Catholic Church. After his death his mother would join the Visitation Convent in San Sebastian.

Suffering interiorly for much of the past year, Father Luis made the drive up from Burgos with friends. This was his second and final trip to the village where he had been deeply moved by the apparitions of July 29. He had decided to return one more time before departing on a trip to Germany. Moving with the crowd following behind the ecstatic march, he found himself unexpectedly swept up in the vision and witness to the future Miracle. Many in the crowd heard him cry out in joy and astonishment.

On the trip home, Father Luis confided to his friends, "I am so happy. What a favor the Blessed Virgin has bestowed on me. How fortunate we are to have a mother like her in heaven! There is no reason to fear the supernatural life. The girls have given us an example of how we must act with the Blessed Virgin. There is no doubt in my mind the things involving the girls are true. Why should the Blessed Virgin have chosen us? This is the happiest day of my life." Shortly after making this statement, Father Luis Andreu died in the peace of holy joy before the car reached its destination.

One cannot review the events at Garabandal without acquiring a great impression of the love Our Blessed Mother has for her priest sons. This love was fully absorbed by the visionaries who emerged from the apparitions with a profound desire to pray and offer sacrifices for priests and to foster this practice amongst the laity.They have continued in this devotion all their lives organizing holy hours of prayer for priests in the places where they live.

This call for prayer for priests must be counted among the most important priorities of the Garabandal apparitions. Emphasized repeatedly in the discourses of Our Blessed Mother to the children is the necessity of sacrifices and prayer on the part of faithful Catholics for their priest, whose true vocation is self sacrifice imitating that of Jesus Christ. The failure of a vocation concedes a lack of devotion on behalf of the laity spiritually obliged to uphold these men in their labors.

As Conchita expressed in a 1971 message, "Let us pray a lot for priests. We ourselves are to blame for many priests who are on the road to perdition, because we do not pray enough for them, because we do not sacrifice ourselves, and also because we should be giving an example to those priests who are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin...We have to help those priests...that they may rise and pursue their course."

Many authors on Garabandal believe that the events pertaining to Father Luis Andreu S.J. are meant to honor him as a worthy priest and place high his example of devout ministry for others to follow. When asked in 1966 what the Blessed Virgin desired of priests Conchita replied;

"What the Blessed Virgin wants from the priest first of all is his own sanctification.
-He should fulfill his vows through love of God, and lead many souls to Him through example and prayer, for in our time it is difficult otherwise.
-May the priest be sacrificed through love of souls in Christ!
-May he retire from time to time in silence to listen to God who speaks to him continually.
-May they think a lot about the Passion of Jesus so that their lives are more united to Christ the Priest and thus invite souls to penance and sacrifice, and also make more tolerable to them the cross that Christ sends to us all.
-To speak of Mary who is the surest one to lead us to Christ and also speak about and cause people to believe that there is a heaven, so too there is a hell."

Here in the United States, we have yet to see our first native born priest canonized by the Universal Church. As Americans, we are blessed to have many outstanding priest patrons on the path to sainthood: Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Father Solanus Casey OFM, Father Emil Kapaun, Father Walter Ciszek SJ, Father Patrick Peyton CSC, and Father John Hardon SJ are foremost among many worthy American priests.

We encourage you to offer your needful petitions to any one of these intercessors. Please add your prayers and support to their respective causes that our nation may have the greater grace of their heavenly assistance and our clergy and laity their true and saintly examples of priestly life.

On August 16th, 1961, only a few days after his death, Father Luis Andreu was again present in the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to the four seers of Garabandal; this time as her heavenly guest. He left this consolation with the girls for his grieving family, "Be happy and content, for I am in Heaven and see you every day."

In a private locution to Conchita in 1964 it was revealed that the body of this son of Saint Ignatius would be found incorrupt on the day following the Great Miracle.
In Union of Prayer,

The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal
Lindenhurst, NY USA

When going to Mass becomes an occasion of sin

This is an interesting column that I thought I'd share today.
When attending Mass becomes an occasion of sin
August 20, 2011
From Jim Baltrinic (slightly edited):

'This post consists of excerpts from a letter I wrote to the pastor of a Catholic parish about a certain incident that occurred at his church. I have omitted all references as to the church's location. The church is semi-circular in design, and we were sitting in the last pew near the center isle, which afforded us a clear view of almost the entire congregation. I started my letter with a compliment as to how nice the newly-remodeled church looked. I then ask the pastor to please consider the following hypothetical situation.

'A priest enters the confessional for the usual Saturday morning or afternoon confession time. During this time a young man enters the confessional. 'Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.' From the sound of the voice on the other side of the screen, the priest surmises that the person is a teenager or young adult. The confession continues: 'It was a week since my last confession. I'm guilty of many lustful thoughts, and I looked at some very immodestly dressed women more times than I should have.'

'The priest asks, 'Were these impure thoughts related to these women you looked at'?

''Yes,' replies the young man.

'The priest: 'Why did you continue to look at them? Why didn't you go someplace else, away from them?'

''I couldn't,' said the young man. 'They were in front of me and I was kind of hemmed in by the crowd.'

'The priest: 'Why were you in such a place to begin with? Do you remember that we are to avoid places that may be an occasion of sin?'

'The young man answers, "Yes, Father, I know that, but I had to be there.'

'The priest, somewhat puzzled, then asks: 'Why did you have to be there, and where were you: at the beach; at a sporting event?'

''No, Father,' said the young man, 'I was at your noon Mass last Sunday, and two scantily-dressed girls were sitting in the pew right in front of me, along with their parents. I couldn't move because my parents were on either side of me.'

'While I said that the above story was hypothetical, in reality it is not. The Mass in question took place this past July at a prominent Catholic parish in a town my wife and I were visiting. It was the main Mass of the day and the church was quite full.

'The young man in the confessional could have been any one of the many young men in the church. The two 'scantily clad' girls were real and were sitting about six pews in front of us with their parents.

'From the area where we were sitting, we observed, in addition to the two girls mentioned above, approximately a dozen very immodestly dressed women, with the majority of these being young girls in their teens and early twenties. Bare backs and shoulders, low-cut tops, strapless sun suits, short shorts, mini-skirts and tight-fitting tops were plainly visible.

'Two years ago, at a parish in northern Virginia, we experienced an almost identical incident at Sunday Mass. We were sitting in our pew when a home-schooling family came in and took a place several pews ahead of us. They had two sons around age 10 and three younger daughters. A few minutes later, two young girls, of about the same age and manner of dress as the two described above, came in and sat in the pew directly in front of this family. However, in this case, the parents quickly recognized the spiritual danger these two improperly dressed girls posed for their children, and they immediately got up and moved to another part of the church.

'It is a sad state of affairs when going to Sunday Mass becomes an occasion of sin. I could go on with more such examples, but I think what I have said is sufficient. What we find more lamentable is the fact that, in many cases, such young girls are in the company of their parents. What does this tell us? Simply this: When it comes to modesty in dress, most parents don't have a clue as to what is right.

'Coincidentally, several days later, as I was about half-way through the composition of my letter to the pastor, my wife saw a notice in the bulletin about appropriate dress in church. The notice was good, especially the part about adults giving good example for young children. It did, however, have two shortcomings which are common to such notices. Many times a bulletin notice can be overlooked, and secondly, the notice called for wearing 'appropriate attire.'

'The problem, as I pointed out above, is that most Catholics have a very poor understanding of what 'appropriate attire' means. When it comes to knowing what is or isn't modest, they have no idea. This is because the Church has been silent on this subject for over 40 years.

'At the beginning of summer there should be a strong sermon on this issue with a clear explanation as to what constitutes 'appropriate attire.' This should be followed up with at least a verbal reminder given once a month from the pulpit. Putting an occasional notice in the bulletin just doesn't do it. It should also be emphasized that the standards for modesty apply to everyday dress, not just in church on Sunday. Mention should also be made about the way many parents dress their little girls in skimpy outfits, thus accustoming them to immodesty at a very early age.

'In regard to this particular topic, I feel I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the disgraceful display of immodesty exhibited by brides and their bridal parties at most Catholic weddings today. At a wedding we recently attended, the comment was made that the bride and bridal party looked more like the Playboy Review than an occasion of Holy Matrimony.

'Let me close with the following thought. Someone once asked the mother of St. Maria Goretti how she was able to raise such a [holy] child. She replied, 'By teaching her the virtue of modesty.' How many Maria Goretti's are parishes and Catholic schools producing today?'


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Bayside Apparations and the Comet

The following comes from advocates for the Bayside apparitions which have not been approved by the Church. It present it here because some of the Catholic prophecies about a Comet have in fact come from this source.

Comet Elenin (also known by its astronomical name C/2010 X1)

Here is a timely prophecy about the Warning and Miracle, given by Our Lady at Bayside on December 24, 1973.

Veronica -- Now Our Lady is extending Her Rosary, which was tied to a golden cord braided at Her side, and She`s saying:

Our Lady --"Pray much, My children, for you do not know what lies before you. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice! I have wandered throughout your world shedding tears, bitter tears of sorrow upon My children who have failed to listen to My pleas. I have come to save you from what you have led yourselves to--your own destruction. I have given you the plan for your salvation. I have set Myself as victim for you before the Father, begging an extension of time for your repatriation. Many We have reached, but many have turned away in mockery and have hardened their hearts and deafened their ears to Our pleas. All Heaven will watch the battle ahead. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption."

Veronica -- "Oh! Oh, I see the sky; it`s becoming a very, very bright red, almost an orange, a red-orange. And it`s like I`m suspended, and the light is so bright it hurts my eyes. And I see this huge ball. Now in the center--it`s a gray-colored ball, almost--oh, I don`t know what it`s made of, but a rock-like formation. But as it`s turning now, its beginning to change color, becoming a purplish, hazy, orange-looking ball. And now it`s beginning to gather great speed. And as it`s going faster across the sky, part of it has broken off now, and it`s going now behind the sun. I see the huge ball of the sun; it`s a ball of fire. And this is another ball of fire. And a piece now is broken off, and it`s hitting into the sun. And there--oh! Oh, it`s an explosion. Oh, I can`t look! Oh! Oh!"

Everything seems so still, and I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses. Everything`s rocking. It`s like the very foundation is rocking in the houses. And they`re all frightened. And many are running into the streets. Oh, the others are running and closing their windows. They`re pulling down the shades. Oh! Oh! Others are looking--I can see them looking through their windows, but they do not go outside. They must not go outside.

I see a great mist coming in the sky, a great mist. And there are pieces of--they appear to be rock or dust rock falling. And the people who are outside, they`re stumbling. Something`s happening to them. They don`t seem to--they`re like drunk; they`re stumbling. And now the ones I`m watching, two of them have fallen. They`ve fallen on their faces now, and they`re trying to get up. Now they`re--they`re falling forward, and they`re not moving.

And I see now this darkness--a great, great mist. And then a deep, musty-looking haze, and it`s now going and passing across the moon. And now there`s no moon; there`s no light. The moon`s absolutely covered; I can`t see it. There`s no light.

Now the sun also seems to be shooting out particles--I don`t know--its particles. And I can see this other ball that looks like a small sun now; it`s coming from behind. And it`s still--it`s twirling, but it is also shooting out particles of, of rock, fiery rock.

Now one piece is very large, and it`s falling down now, and as it--it`s falling into the water. And then the water is just like steaming and fizzling. And there was force, I guess, when it hit the water, because the water is rising very, very high. Oh!

Now it`s growing light. It`s growing light, and Our Lady`s coming forward. And now She`s removing the black, hood-like type of covering from Her head. She says:

Our Lady--"My child, the sight you see is not one that will ever be forgotten by mankind, for not since the days of Noe shall such destruction be visited upon man. You will pray, My child, a constant vigilance of prayer. All My children must now keep a constant vigilance of prayer."


"I cannot stress the fact that I have not come to fill you with fear, but to bring you the facts of what the Father has planned for your chastisement. The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective; and in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of hell will try to prove--disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle."


"You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Come to My Son in belief. Believe what you see at Garabandal, and turn back from your ways that have been created by Satan. Return to the Father; do penance and atonement, for your chastisement will soon follow upon the great spectacle."

This following quote from Isaias could also apply:

"And it shall come to pass, that in that day the Lord shall visit upon the host of heaven on high, and upon the kings of the earth, on the earth... And the moon shall blush, and the sun shall be ashamed, when the Lord of Hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and shall be glorified in the sight of his ancients." (Isaias 24:21, 23)

Comment: "During the Warning God will mount up and glorify himself in the sight of his priests [ancients] in the Eternal City, symbolized by Jerusalem."

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Nobel winner Krugman suggests fake alien invasion to boost economy

A video from "Awakening As One" suggested a fake alien invasion for September/October of this year. I was amused to hear Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman suggest this same thing today on CNN.

Fareed Zakaria: Wouldn't John Maynard Keynes say that if you could employ people to dig a ditch and then fill it up again, that's fine, they're being productively employed, they'll pay taxes, so maybe the bigger - maybe Boston's big dig was just fine after all.

Paul Krugman: Think about World War 2. That was not - that was actually negative social product spending, and yet, it brought us out. I mean, probably because you want to put these things together, if we say, look, we could use some inflation. Ken and I are both saying that, which is, of course, anathema to a lot of people in Washington but is, in fact, what basic logic says. It's very hard to get inflation in a depressed economy. But if you had a program of government spending plus an expansionary policy by the Fed, you could get that. So, if you think about using all of these things together, you could accomplish a great deal. If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months. And then if we discovered, oops, we made a mistake, there aren't any aliens, we'd be a better –

Ken Rogoff: And we need Orson Welles, is what you're saying.

Paul Krugman: No, that's a – there was a "Twilight Zone" episode like this in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace. Well, this time, we don't need it - we need it in order to get some fiscal stimulus.

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Ned Dougherty mentions Three Days of Darkness coming soon

In 1984 Ned Dougherty had a near death experience (NDE), in which he was clinically dead for nearly an hour met a "Lady of Light" who showed him visions of his future life and the future of humanity.
The time has come now for humanity to experience the period of darkness that is necessary for the Father to gain His children's attention. This is the period of darkness that has been prophesied by many of God's children, both in the ancient times as well in these modern times, and assisted by those among you today, who are listening to and promulgating the Messages from Heaven to God's children here on Earth.

The period of darkness that will descend upon the planet Earth is just one phase of the global transformation that will take place for the children of God to put down their worldly activities for the period of time designated by the Father in Heaven for all of God's children to come to His attention and experience the global transformation of your planet from the place of darkness that it has now become to a place of Light and Love of the Father, who wants only the best for His children in the world that He originally created with His Divine Love; a world that has now become completely corrupted by the evil one and through his minions to a place of darkness and despair.

I ask of you my children that you recognize that the predicted period of darkness will be a time for God's children to celebrate and prepare for the coming good works that the Lord has prepared for the world to bring about the necessary changes. But do not despair or overly concern yourselves with the events that are to come!

Yes, there will be periods of darkness and despair, and yes, terrible events will occur during the time of change, but for those of you who are doing God's work and living in His Divine Will, you will cherish these times of darkness as a challenge, for you will steel yourselves in doing God's work during the most turbulent times.
From August 1, 2011

Is this amazing flying cross in space a sign from God?

Some people see this as a flying cross, or perhaps a Star of David.

While scientists don't think it's a comet, they're not exactly sure of the precise origin of the incredible object soaring some 90 million miles from Earth, snapped just a few weeks ago by the Hubble Space Telescope.

More info here:

Words of Jesus to Sister Faustina.... comet shaped like a cross enroute to earth

Saint Faustina Kowalska was a Polish nun who received a series of astounding revelations from Jesus. Her book Divine Mercy In My Soul-Diary of Sister M. Faustina Kowalska is a must read.

These messages are among the most important revelations ever given to the world! Jesus told Saint Faustina that the final age of the world was approaching. The message he was now giving to the world through her was specifically intended to prepare mankind for the end of the world.

 "Before I come as a just judge, I am coming FIRST as "King of Mercy"! Let all men now approach the throne of my mercy with absolute confidence! Some time before the the last days of final justice arrive, there will be given to mankind a great sign in the heavens of this sort: all the light of the heavens will be totally extinguished. There will be a great darkness over the whole earth. Then a great sign of the cross will appear in the sky. From the openings from where the hands and feet of the savior were nailed will come forth great lights - which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will happen before the very final days. It is the sign for the end of the world. After it will come the days of justice! Let souls have recourse to the fount of my mercy while there is still time! Woe to him who does not recognize the time of my visitation."

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Video about the Quickening

The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo.

All around the planet hundreds of millions of people are waiting for events to unfold in the year 2012, that they... believe will bring either the birth of a harmonious new reality... or 'the end of the world.

But what if those events were actually to take place THIS YEAR, in 2011?

In Awakening As One's new film "The Quickening" we will explain why so many people have been experiencing the sensation that "Time is Speeding Up"; particularly since the Earthquake in Japan.

And we will also show how research indicates that this accelerated experience of reality could peak sometime around October 28th, 2011; culminating in a global experience of Unity Consciousness, which would then lead to the experience of a harmonious new way of being.

"The Quickening" will also take a look at the unfolding of current events and how they directly relate to Hopi and Mayan Prophecies, indicating that we are on the Cusp of Great Changes, which signify the shifting of the Age... and the Birth of a New World.