Monday, March 21, 2011

Timothy Snodgrass in Jerusalem

Today the sound of F-16 fighter jets could be heard over Israel as five major air strikes were launched against Hamas, which have not stopped firing mortars at Israel since I arrived in the nation on Saturday, March 19. I will be posting a prophetic update prior to my departure from Jerusalem, as my trip comes to a end on March 23.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another update from Timothy Snodgrass

all of my recent international trips have been unplanned trips - to japan on march 11, and israel on march 19. Shortly after i arrived in tel aviv on saturday, air strikes began on libya, and hamas began firing mortars at israel, as the prospects of a new mideast war intensified. Today i am in jerusalem, and i do not know where i will be tomorrow. The times and seasons are accelerating, and there is little pause between one great event and another.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Timothy Snodgrass - Japan/California Update

Exactly one year prior to the 9.0 Honshu quake, Japan made a strong statement condemning the nation of Israel on March 11, 2010. Today at exactly 11:11 AM, I received a strong word from the Lord to depart for Israel immediately on March 17, to bless Jerusalem in behalf of the United States. In the natural realm, I am still very weak and have had little sleep since I returned from Japan, but I feel strongly that I need to make this trip to help strengthen the covering over America (by blessing Israel). I was warned in Japan that soon the land of America will soon ring like a bell if we do not intercede and stand in the gap for the land. I do not want California or any part of the West Coast of the United States to go through what I went through in Japan. There is no way to describe what an earthquake of that magnitude is like unless youve been through it yourself, it is very traumatic.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Update from Timothy Snodgrass on Japan

thank you so much for your prayers while i was stranded in japan after the march 11 earthquake. My one hour stop-over in japan from manila turned out to be 38 hours, and the quake - which japan has now upgraded to magnitude 9.0 - took place one minute before i was to board my plane (delta flight # 5. The timing of the quake - in relation to my flight - sounds so incredibly unbelievable that i decided to keep boarding passes and documentation of the trip, in case there are any questions in the future. The odds that a person would experience even one 9.0 quake in their lifetime is almost zero - but the odds that you would experience a 9.0 quake during a one hour stop-over in another nation, one minute before your connecting plane was to depart, is astronomical.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Timothy Snodgrass in Japan for Earthquake

I am currently stranded in Tokyo, Japan, after all Delta flights in and out of the city have been cancelled due to the 8.9 earthquake. I have never felt anything like this quake. The earth has not stopped shaking for 14 hours since the original tremor. There have been more than 50 major aftershocks, and the earth is still shaking as I write this.

At 2:46 PM, as my flight was preparing to board Delta flight 58 for San Francisco, the 8.9 quake hit without warning, followed 30 minutes later by a devastating 7.2 quake, which seemed to do more damage in this area than the first one....