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Wikipedia on the Great Monarch: Prophetic Foundations

He will appear at the end of the sixth age of the world, according to Saint Augustine of Hippo's Six Ages of the World. We actually live in the sixth age of the world according to Saint Augustine.

Saint Remigius, bishop of Reims and apostle of the Franks, baptised Clovis I, king of the Franks on 24 December 496. This baptism, leading to the conversion of the entire Frankish people to Nicene Christianity, was a momentous success for the Catholic Church and a seminal event in European history. He had had a vision and prophesied that in the distant future, the last monarch who descended from the line of the kings of France, would be revealed and reestablish the Holy Roman Empire at the end of time. This prophecy was related through Hincmar, archbishop of Reims, and Rabanus Maurus Magnentius O.S.B., archbishop of Mainz.

Similar prophecies were made by Saint Caesarius of Arles, archbishop of Arles, by monks from the Carthusian monastery of Prémol, Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Prémol at Vaulnaveys-le-Haut, France, by Saint Catald of Taranto, archbishop of Taranto, Italy, and by Saint Angelus of Jerusalem. The prophecy of Saint Caesarius was commented upon by John of Vatiguerro and published in the Mirabilis Liber (1524), and by French priest Jean-Marie Trichaud (1853). The prophecy of the Carthusian monks of Prémol was discovered between 1795 and 1850 and the prophecy of Saint Catald was discovered in 1492.

Bartholomew Holzhauser, a German priest and visionary and writer of prophecies, details his coming further and states he will appear in the fifth age of the church in his book Interpretatio Apocalypsis usque ad cap. XV, v. 5. It discusses the seven ages of the Church:

  1. the status seminativus or the first age of the Church, from Christ and the Apostles to Pope Linus and Emperor Nero,
  2. the status irrigativus or the second age of the Church, the days of persecution,
  3. the status illuminativus or the third age of the Church, from Pope Sylvester to Leo III,
  4. the status pacifitcus or the fourth age of the Church from Leo III to Leo X,
  5. the status afflictionis et purgativus or the fifth age of the Church, from Leo X to a strong ruler or grand monarch and a holy pope,
  6. the status consolationis of the sixth age of the Church, from that holy pope to the birth of Antichrist,
  7. the status desolationis are the seventh and last age of the Church, from the Antichrist to the end of the world.
According to Holzhauser, we actually live in the fifth age of the Church and are experiencing the transition to the sixth age. Holzhauser further explains his function in these events in his book Visiones, which contains the ten visions of Holzhauser:
  1. de septem animalibus
  2. de una monarchia et duabus sedibus
  3. de s. Michaele archangelo et sedibus
  4. de ecclesia sponsd Dei
  5. de propria persona Jesu
  6. de egressione Danubii
  7. de verme grandi
  8. de conversione Germaniæ
  9. exprobratio vitiorum, exprobratio impœnitentiæ, quomodo revertatur
  10. de duabus personis

Also Pierre cardinal d'Ailly, bishop of Puy, Blessed Hildegard of Bingen O.S.B. and Jérome Bottin O.S.B. made similar prophecies.

Modern day prophecies about the Great Monarch were made by Marie Julie Jahenny, mystic and stigmatist of La Fraudais, France, and by Mélanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, visionaries at La Salette, France.

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Wikipedia on the Great Monarch: Apostolic Foundations

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, proclaimed by Pope John Paul II on 15 August 1997 in the Apostolic letter Laetamur Magnoprere, the Catholic beliefs about the end times are addressed in the Profession of faith. An brief introduction of these beliefs can be found on the Holy See's website.

Before the return of Christ, a number of conditions have to be fulfilled. They include:
  • The spreading of the "one true Catholic faith" among all corners of the planet and among all people.
  • Recognition of Jesus-Christ as the Messiah and Son of God by all Israel.
  • The Great Apostasy that will shake the faith of many believers. This is a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the Catholic faith. This will be prepared gradually. The supreme form of this religious deception will be that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

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Wikipedia on the Great Monarch: Biblical Foundations

The biblical foundations for the concept of the Great Monarch can be found in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. References in the Old Testament can be found in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Zechariah. It is also found in the New Testament. Catholic teaching refers to the 25th chapter of Matthew's Gospel in which Christ says that no one knows the hour or the day, except the Father in Heaven. The Church furthermore teaches that Christ indicated the approximation of these events in the New Testament, when he spoke of signs which would indicate that the end of days was near[citation needed]. Some of these signs include natural disasters, civil problems, and other catastrophes. Of the precise time, however, it will come like a thief in the night.

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Wikipedia on the Great Monarch: Basics

The Great Catholic Monarch, also referred to as the Great Monarch, is a concept that has or had a certain place in unofficial Roman Catholic eschatology, mainly as a French monarchist variant of the medieval theme of the Last Roman Emperor. It predicts that in the last times, a last monarch would appear on earth to reestablish the kingdom of France and assume his function as biblical katechon who stalls the coming of the antichrist.

The notion of last Roman Emperor is related to it, as is the notion of the Angelic Pope.

The Great Catholic Monarch also has a counter-revolutionary or restorationist character. He is said to be a future king of a re-united Holy Roman Empire, who will restore the European catholic royalty in the West, destroy the power of heretics and atheistic rebels, and successfully convert many Muslims and Jews to the Roman Catholic faith.

The Great Monarch was very popular in popular folklore until the 18th century Enlightenment. He reappeared in 19th century prophecy when French legitimists believed that the count of Chambord, Henry V of France would be the new king.

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Wikipedia on the Great Monarch: Equivalent notions

The notions of great monarch and angelic pope are equivalent to the French grand monarch and saint pape and the German Weltkaiser and Engelpapst.

The Great Monarch is conceptually similarly to the Mahdi of Islam in that:
  • Both are conquerors/rulers that unite various peoples.
  • Both live during the rise of antichrist but do not themselves defeat antichrist.
  • Both convert many people to their respective religions.
  • Both prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Some of their source belief is exta-scriptural, although the GCM is scriptural (Daniel's "He-Goat" and "king of the greeks"). 
Differences are the GCM defeats the Moslems who have invaded and occupy Europe in the future.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 8

I recently read a book that gave extensive quotations from original documents which have been preserved in most French Town Halls in towns and villages. The remarkable thing about these documents was the tone as well as the contents. They were written during the reign of Louis XIV, the most autocratic of the French kings. Yet those in authority spoke to their subjects in a friendly and father-like manner, and with the utmost courtesy.

None of the "First and Final Notice", or "Take Notice That ... ", or again, "You are hereby directed to... " and so forth, in the bureaucratic manner familiar to all of us. The subjects were addressed as "My Dear... ", and they were "requested to be so kind as to ...", because "I would be extremely grateful if you would kindly consider this matter", and the closing sentence from the Governor, the Magistrate, or the Landlord, was to draw "the blessing of God upon you and your family"! All the documents were in the same vein; they were written from person to person, not from a nameless and faceless Bureaucracy to an equally nameless and faceless mass of "citizens". Such was the tone. As regards the contents, the documents in question made it obvious that the powers of the "Law" were limited. There was no threat of penalty "for failure to comply", no "$200 fine or 3 months in jail" as we currently see in most official documents. Virtually everybody in our "democratic" days is periodically threatened with "3 months in jail" through the bureaucratic printed matter we all receive.

The Masons, agnostics and atheists who are responsible for the rise of Democracy must, of course, perpetuate the myth that Monarchy means Autocratism. Autocratism presupposes centralisation of powers; the hierarchical structures of a Christian Monarchy is just the opposite, each having certain powers according to his rank in the hierarchy, and each region, province, city, town and village enjoying a measure of genuine Democracy - (the smaller the social unit, the greater that measure is), as taught by St. Thomas Aquinas and, again, by Pius XII. In a modern Democracy, on the contrary, the pyramid of power has been flattened, and hierarchical structures reduced to a minimum. The base of the pyramid has been greatly enlarged - (the allegedly "sovereign" people), and the top has been cut off. The middle layers of the pyramid are represented by a faceless and nameless Bureaucracy.

Let me mention here again that all authority comes from God alone who is the Ultimate Source, and flows downwards through hierarchical structures. This is Church teaching. It is also Church teaching that authority, that is, God's authority, cannot rise upwards from the people for the simple reason that God's authority is not vested in the people. We all know that this teaching is currently disregarded in the Conciliarist Church (which is the Church of Man and Democracy), but not everyone knows that it was disregarded even before Vatican II. Yet it is indeed Church teaching, and it was confirmed by Leo XIII in "Graves de Communi", and again by St. Pius X in "Notre Charge Apostolique" (Letter to the French Bishops). The common source, of course, is the "SUMMA THEOLOGICA" of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Now, since the Great Monarch will be chosen by God and will be a living Saint, it is simply inconceivable that he would want to "dominate" the whole world in the sense now given to "domination". Far from setting up a One-World government, he will undoubtedly set up a Federation of independent nations, each having its own King and its own hierarchical structures in which subsidiarity will be the guiding principle. Moreover, it is quite certain that this arrangement will be sought by the nations themselves so great will his fame be. The only exception, perhaps, will be that of the primitive and pagan peoples whom the Great Monarch will have to subdue. This may be called "colonialism" today, but it will not be then. Indeed, men will have recovered their sanity and the right of Christian nations to rule primitive peoples for their own benefit will be recognised. Christendom, indeed, has a message, a method and a way of life which cannot but benefit the more primitive peoples. This is becoming increasingly evident even today. However de-Christianized the western nations may be, they still have retained something from their Christian heritage. And whatever shortcomings their administration of the former colonies may have been, still, they did maintain order and a measure of justice.

Katanga, Biafra, Sudan, Pakistan, are but a few examples of the evils brought about by an independence given to peoples who are not ready for it. How many millions of these natives have been massacred, or have starved to death, who would still be alive today if the Western presence had not been withdrawn! And why was it withdrawn? Not out of Christian charity but simply on the instigation of the USSR working through UNO and brandishing the standard of political freedom for all. What does political freedom mean to a miscellany of hundreds of different tribes speaking different dialects and having no ethnic cohesion? Very little indeed! Yet, out of such disparity they made what they called a "nation" (the former Belgian Congo is a case in point).

With the withdrawal of the White man) opportunities for employment, efficient administration, law and order were also withdrawn, and chaos and starvation followed. The USSR knew this. But the man-in-the-street in our countries was generally unaware that de-colonisation was one of the avowed aims of Communism in order to create chaos, because chaos is necessary for the advancement of Communism, and the western press did nothing to inform him; on the contrary, the western press merely echoed the Communist ideological shibboleth about political freedom and other democratical myths to which the West is ever receptive.

What a tragedy that such a large number of Catholics, including Bishops and Cardinals and, among them, some occupying the highest posts in the Catholic hierarchy, should have been so deceived by Communist propaganda that they have praised the alleged virtues of de -colonisation and, in some instances, in documents bearing the stamp of the Magisterium! A sign of the times! Did not La Salette and other prophecies say that error and insanity would be found even at the highest levels of the Church? It is quite clear that the Great Monarch to come will hold different views; views diametrically opposed to those of our present leaders in the world and in the Church.

"A King shall come and act contrariwise, the high pulled down and the low raised up high." (Nostradamus)

(He will pull down what has been held as good, and raise up what has been held in contempt, acting in opposition to present standards.)

"He will restore everything." (Holzhauser)

The powerful Monarch, after winning the Birch-Tree Battle, will restore Peace throughout the world. The Birch-Tree Battlehas been described in countless prophecies. It is the turning point which may coincide with the 3 days of darkness, and will mark the collapse of Communism. It was discussed at some length in my previous book "The Coming Chastisement".

"Peace will return when the Lily ascends the Throne again. The land will be very productive." (St. Hildegarde)

"Many wise laws will restore peace." (Orval)

"An era of prosperity follows." (Lehnin)

"Peace and abundance shall return to the world." (St. Bridget)

"And the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity." (St. Bridget)

"And peace shall reign over the whole earth." (Holzhauser)

"This shall re-establish a peace and prosperity without precedent." (St. John-Mary Vianney, Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

"O sweetest peace! Thy fruits will multiply until the End of Time!" (St. Caesar)

Peace after the conversion of Russia; this is exactly what Our Lady told the children at Fatima in 1917. I am not covering the Fatima apparitions in this article because they are fairly well known already, and many excellent books are available, whilst there are few concerning the more ancient prophecies.

At the close of the period of peace and prosperity, the ageing Monarch will go to Jerusalem again in an attempt to check the rising power of Anti-Christ.

"He will at length lay down his Crown in Jerusalem." (Cataldus)

"He will go to Jerusalem, and lay down his Sceptre and Crown on Mount Olivet. Thus shall come the end of the Christian Roman Empire." (Bl. R. Maurus, 9th Century)

"He will finally go to Jerusalem and lay down his Sceptre and Crown upon the Mount of Olives. Immediately afterwards,Antichrist will come." (Monk Adso, 10th Century)

"He shall give up the ghost at Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

"At the end of his most glorious reign, he shall go to Jerusalem, and shall lay down his Crown and Sceptre on the Mount of Olives." (St. Remy, 5/6th Century)

Crown and Sceptre are symbols of authority. By surrendering his Crown and Sceptre on the amount of Olives, the Great Monarch will acknowledge this gift from God, as if saying: "My Lord and my God, my mission is ended; here is the Authority which Thou hast graciously given me."

Regina Coeli Ora pro nobis!

The End

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 7


"Russia, Sweden, and the whole North shall fight against France, Spain, Italy, and the whole South led by a powerful Prince." (Jasper the Peasant, 18th Century)

"He shall be a great captain." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"The Great Monarch will be at war till the age of forty." (Cataldus)

" ... who shall attain to so high a power ... " (Nostradamus)

"He shall be in command of seven kinds of soldiers against three in the region of the Birch-trees." (Mentz, 19th Century)

" ... feared by his foes." (Nostradamus)

"He shall count his victories by his enterprises; he shall drive the enemy out of France." (Mentz, 19th Century)

"He will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his Empire." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"The powerful Monarch, who is sent from God, will uproot every Republic." (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"He will go through all Europe with a powerful army, uproot every Republic, and exterminate all rebels." (Gekner, 17th Century)

"He will overcome the German Ruler." (Cozensa, 14th Century)

"The Sovereign and the Gallic people shall knock down the renegades who shall shake with fright." (Merlin the Bard)

"He shall govern France." (Votin, 15th Century)

"France shall first be yoked by this King. Britain shall humbly cast herself at his knees. Italy...will contribute to him her languishing right hand." (Sibylla Tiburtina)

"He shall be made King of Greece." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"There will rise in Gaul a King of the Greeks, the Franks and the Romans." (Liber Mirabilis, 16th Century, quoting an old prophecy)

"He will set England aright and drive out heresy ... He will appoint three Lords to rule the Kingdom of England." (Mother Shipton, 16th Century)

"He shall be the last King over England." (Merlin the Bard (British))

"He will join the Lion and the White Flower." (i.e. unite England and France). (Orval, 13th Century)

"In the last days a very pious King shall reign over our Great Spain." (St. Isidore of Seville, 7th Century)

"The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown on his head." (Busto, 15th Century)

"He shall reign over the entire ancient Roman Empire." (Remy, 5th Century)

" ... by whom the ancient glory of the Empire shall be restored." "He shall be Emperor of Europe." (Aystinger)

" ... whom God will choose to rule over Europe." (J. von Bourg, 19th Century)

"(He and the Holy Pontiff) shall obtain dominion over the whole world." (St. Francis de Paola, 15th Century)

"This Prince shall extend his dominion over the whole world." (St. Caesar, 6th Century)

Is this the One-World government which is currently advocated by Leftist elements? Most definitely not. The One-World government will not come about until the revelation of the Man of Sin who, with the Jewish nation fawning at his feet, will impose his tyranny upon the whole world. The "dominion" in question here will not take the form of a centralised autocratic government. Centralisation is the very opposite of the principle of subsidiarity which the Church and every genuine Catholic monarch has always supported. Subsidiarity, to be sure, does not exclude supreme authority, or arbitration, but it is undoubtedly the antithesis of autocratism. The word itself is comparatively new, but the principle has always been upheld by the Church. To say that a great Catholic Monarch chosen by God would impose such a form of government would be as absurd as saying that a Communist Dictator would suddenly encourage the practice of the Catholic religion in his States! True, there have been autocratic Monarchs in the long history of Christendom, but these monarchs were not really Catholic in any true sense of the word, and even many of the so-called autocratic Monarchs were much more liberal - in the true sense of the word - than the Liberals who have instituted Democracy with its all-encompassing Bureaucracy.

The Warning Pt. 14: Conclusion

This book has been written to prepare minds for the events to come. For over twenty years, the revelations of Garabandal have been held in doubt and confusion, through circumstances beyond the control of any of us. This situation was in the plan of God, and was predicted by Our Lady herself at Garabandal. But now The Warning has confirmed all those events, and dispelled the fog hanging over the apparitions that occurred there. Her words and lessons in that little mountain village also reaffirm and authenticate the Marian apparitions of the past, and link them all in a remarkable tapestry of prophecy that singles out the years we are passing through as the most important in history. She has given us the "Last Warnings," and we know we are seeing the "End of the Times." We are on the threshold of a new age, an Era of Peace, a time of evangelization without comparison. God is doing everything to prepare us. This book has attempted to bring to center-focus the elements of the basic message the Mother of God has been bringing to the world for over one hundred and fifty years.

God Himself has begun, by The Warning, to dramatically make clear to us that what Mary has proclaimed has been true all along. We can all see for ourselves what God is doing, because He is making His works apparent. No one can sincerely maintain, from now on, that there is no God or that He has no power. We are experiencing His judgement upon our world, which has drifted so far from Him. In His mercy, He now gives us the opportunity to turn back to Him before it is too late.

We must now wait for The Miracle, which will surely ensue within a year of the date of The Warning. It will eventually convert the whole world. A new world is being born. There are wars and rumors of wars, but we are not to panic, for "the end is not yet." There is an Era of Peace stretching out before us. We must reach out for it, grasp it, and give it to one another. We cannot delay any longer. The time is now.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 6


"He will crush the foes of Christianity." (St. Methodius, 4th Century)

"He will assist the Pope in the reformation of the world." (Caesar, 6th Century)

"He will put out all heresies." (Merlin the Bard, 7th Century)

"The French King will restore the true Pope." (Merlin)

"He shall capture Milan, Lombardy, and the three Crowns." (A'Beckett, 12th Century)

" ... by whom the decayed estate of the Church shall be reformed." (Magdeburg Chronicle)

"A Prince ... who shall reform the Church." (Aystinger the German)

The work of the Great Monarch must not be viewed as an encroachment of the Temporal over the Spiritual, as a meddling of the State in Church affairs; besides being a Saint and chosen by God, he will be obedient unto the Pope in everything. All the reforms which he will carry out in the Church will be made with the assent off nay, at the very request of the Pope - witness the following passage:
"Having need of a powerful temporal assistance, the Holy Pontiff will ask for the co-operation of the generous Monarch of France." (Abbot J. Merlin, 13th Century)

"By his means the nation's religion and laws shall have an admirable change." (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

"He shall restore the apostolic discipline." (St. John of Capistrano 15th Century)

"He shall reform the Church of God." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"He will crush the enemies of the Pope." (D. Pareus, 17th Century)

" ... giving the Church her pristine prominence." (Nostradamus)

"The King of Blois raises again the Papal Tiara." (Caesar)

"This Prince shall help him (the Holy Pontiff) in every way." (Vatiguerro, 13th Century)

"(And I saw that) he placed his hand in the Pontiff's hand." (Premol)

The Warning Pt. 13: All Will Love Our Hearts (Chapter 10)

The New Times

The whole world will be converted. To the mind that does not literally believe that "nothing is impossible with God", the previous sentence would seem utterly absurd. Yet, this is what Our Lord assured Conchita would happen when she asked Him the purpose of The Miracle at Garabandal. It would be, He revealed to her, not only for the conversion of Russia that The Miracle would be worked by the Lord, but for the conversion of the whole world. Then, to indicate that this conversion would actually be brought about by The Miracle, He stated further, "Thus, all will love Our Hearts." Jesus told Conchita that by The Great Miracle at Garabandal the entire world---"todos" (everybody)---will be converted. Evangelization, the task Jesus handed over to the Church when He ascended, will at last be universally accomplished. The whole world will become The Church.

World-conversion has happened before in history. Twice before, a "whole world" (as its inhabitants thought it to be) has been converted. The Mediterranean world in the early centuries of the Church's mission was completely turned around by the preaching of the Gospel. Another world, the New World of Central and South America, was evangelized with extreme rapidity when Our Lady "of Guadalupe" appeared to Juan Diego, a humble Indian newly converted. His testimony about his encounter with the Mother of God, together with the miraculous image she imprinted of herself on his cloak, led all God's people in that pagan country into the Church. The conversion of Mexico took only seven years thereafter, as eight million were converted. The whole of South America followed the same course, so that today almost half the baptized Catholics in the world live in that "New World."

A third World-Evangelization is about to break in on us. But this time it will not be just a segment of the globe's population, thinking of itself as a separate world, that will turn to Him and be saved. Every nation and each person on earth has been opened to the Gospel by The Warning. The Miracle will draw them toward the Church. These apocalyptic events will make it unquestionable that Jesus is truly Lord and that we must enter into Him and His Church to be saved.

The Church is being prepared. The Lord has been readying His Church for the greatest of its missionary efforts, the evangelization of the modern world. Vatican Council II irrevocably altered the direction of the Catholic Church, summoning us back to our primitive fervor and biblical roots, charting for us a new course which has for its destination the conversion of the entire world. The Council Fathers speak not only to the Church itself gathered around the successor of Saint Peter, the Pope, but to our "separated brethren" of the other Christian Churches, and also to the world that is neither Catholic nor Christian. The bishops break the barriers to dialogue by addressing in the Council even those who have never heard the Word of Christ. Their attitude restimulates in us the belief that God's Word still has all the power and life it needs to redeem the masses of humanity. The Bishops of the Council assumed the responsibility, issuing from Christ's command, to preach the Gospel to all the nations on the face of the earth. For centuries there have been insuperable obstacles, political, economic, cultural, and otherwise, to this enterprise. But today, many of the forces once antithetical to evangelizing are crumbling. Because of modern technological advances, improvements in communications, political cooperation among many nations, multi-national resources, and other developments, we are fast moving toward geopolitical unity. A similar unity was characteristic of the Roman world in the time of Christ and the apostolic Church. For some three hundred years the Mediterranean Sea was considered a "Roman Lake" across which missionaries like Saint Paul had free access to all the civilized world they knew, and to all its population centers. The "Pax Romana," or Roman Peace, reigned under the Caesars. Not without difficulty, but blessed by the world-situation, the people of the Roman Empire, slave and free, rich or poor, commoner, nobleman, emperor, eventually all entered the Church through the preaching of the apostles of the time. God had made ready the world, in the fullness of time, for the mystery and power of the "Good News" of Jesus Christ. With the indomitable strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the spread of the Gospel and the Church met with total success.

Today the Catholic Church looks toward her future with a new awareness of her call to evangelize. Not only did a recent Synod of Bishops (1974) state their commitment to it, but from the grassroots, among Catholics particularly, a new zeal to proclaim the Gospel throughout the whole world is becoming evident. God is preparing His Church for the great age of evangelization that is about to appear.

The whole world will be evangelized. The Marian apparitions, especially those at Fatima and Garabandal, invite the human race to repentance and salvation. Our Lady of Fatima declared that an Era of Peace would be "given to the world." At Garabandal, Our Lord promised "the conversion of the whole world." The Era of Peace, The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and the Conversion of the Whole World were all predicted as an unconditional and definite future. All three imply the evangelization of the globe. An Age of Evangelization will begin soon, and to us who are His Church, He still commands, "Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). We must prepare ourselves for this, the greatest of God's works in history. The Father is going to send us, his little ones, to the four corners of the earth to bring the good news to everyone.

The Warning prepares the Church. It is the most compelling preparation the Lord could have given us for the coming Age of Evangelization. By The Warning, God demands that we face our sinfulness, always the major obstacle to the spread of the Gospel, and repent. We must be purified. The Warning also reveals to us that our times are unique, unlike any other times, and that a new age is dawning for which we must be ready. There have been "wars and rumors of wars," and we have been tempted to panic, as if the end were at hand. But Jesus tells us, "that is not yet the end" (Matthew 24:6). "This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed to all the nations. Only after that will the end come" (Matthew 24:16). Could it be that he was referring to the Age of Evangelization we have been describing? To a priest with whom she was discussing the prophecies of Garabandal, Conchita stated, "When you see The Warning, you will know that we have opened up the end of time." This assertion is offered as her own opinion; she is not directly quoting Our Lady. But on other occasions she has insisted that we are near "the end of the times." The least we may infer from these declarations is that if they are accurate in their assessment of our moment of history, a great and final epoch is about to begin: The Era of Peace and the Age of Evangelization. The Warning is the "sign of the times" which announces to us the "New Times," the period of history when God will act in greater power than ever before to bring the Gospel, through His Church, to every creature. All will come to love the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and love will reign in the world. The Warning was the first of these acts of power. It is preparing us all for the age of glory that is approaching.

The Church will be reunited. Time and again the Bishops attending the Synod on Evangelization in 1974 voiced their conviction in speeches to that august body that unless the Church again becomes one, it is futile to expect the evangelization of the world to develop. Our disunity is an evident scandal and a contradiction to the demands of the Gospel. The Holy Catholic Church must become one again in order to be recognizable to the nations as the Church that Jesus established. Unity is its distinguishing characteristic. But our common sinfulness has led us astray; history records break after break in the threads that weave together the seamless robe of Christ. Unity, true and full unity, must be attained once more before the evangelization of the world can even be considered likely.

Such unity has to be a gift from the Lord. Pope John Paul II has made assertions along this vein a number of times when referring to the divided condition of today's churches. His conviction that unity must come from God as grace and favor was expressed in his invitation to the leaders of the Christian world to journey to Rome for Pentecost Sunday in 1981 (June 7th) to first pray together to the Holy Spirit for unity, rather than immediately "discuss our differences" (his words).

God is determined to reunite His Church. The most excruciating pain the members of all the Christian churches felt on the day of The Warning was to see the harm we have all done to one another by not remaining one in heart and mind. By now the whole world would have become Christian, and many saved from perdition in centuries gone by, if we had continued to be faithful to one another. The Warning has made us aware of the enormity of this corporate sin of which all of us are to some degree guilty. We require a deep renewal of heart in order to reverse this division, and to embrace the full Catholic unity to which the Lord now directs us. Not only so-called "non-Catholics," but Catholics too, the Lord presses to lay down their cherished prejudices. Our hardness must be melted away for all hearts to flow together into one compact unity.

The conversion of Russia will be the turning point for the reunion of all Christians. It is required by the Lord, according to the Fatima messages, that the Consecration of that country to the Immaculate Heart be enacted by the Pope in union with all the Bishops of the world. The promise that Russia will be converted by this action will leave no doubt, after conversion follows swiftly, that it happened 1) by the intercession of the Immaculate Heart, and 2) by the authority of the Pope and the Bishops; it will establish before all eyes the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church concerning the Pope and Mary. It will be disconcerting to many that the Pope, the authority of the Church to bind and to loose (through him and the other Bishops), and Mary's power as channel of intercession and grace will be shown to be not the problem impeding Christian unity, but rather the solution to the problem. God will set our presuppositions on their heads. Unity will come because God wills it, because He has set out the way it shall be achieved, and because He, not we, is the giver of Unity.

The new Church will be humble. We will come together again in mutual forgiveness. Whatever gifts of the Spirit a particular church has received or rediscovered, it will share gladly with the others. The whole Church will be enriched by us all being together again in one Body. A fully empowered Church will become, in each member, evangelizer, apostle, preacher, servant. There will not only be chosen apostles who will go out into the highways and byways to compel them to come in; everyone will realize and carry out the mission given to us all: "Preach the Gospel everywhere!" It will be an age of conversion unlike any other. The entire Church, gathered together again by its own conversion into unity, will turn outward to bring in the harvest, lying in wait, ripe for reaping.

The Church reunited will be the Sign of Evangelization. Even though The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment (if it comes) will be signs for the whole world, they are given to focus our attention on the Great Sign of the Church itself, reunited by the Spirit, from which salvation must come. It is because we have stifled her witness by our sins that The Warning and The Miracle have become necessary. Prodigies and wonders alert us to where the mystery of the Church can be discovered. To point us toward the Church, God has determined that The Miracle will coincide with an important ecclesiastical event. The Miracle will take place on a Thursday evening at 8:30, to remind us that we find unity at the supper-table of the Church, for the Holy Eucharist was founded on that day and time of evening. The Miracle will happen on the Feast-day of a Martyr of the Church, again emphasizing that it was in unity with the Church that this martyr-saint gave his or her life in such love. The visible head of the Church, the Pope, and the Bishops, heads of the Church in their dioceses and eparchies, are, personally, sacramental signs of the unity of the Church who are called by their ministry to protect our oneness. The Miracle is to bring about the conversion of Russia and of the whole world; it will somehow be linked with the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. The connection of this action of the Catholic Bishops united with the Pope will convince those of us who doubt it that God's power is with the Church united to that body, and this again will lead us toward a true Catholic unity with them. God wants us to again accept the Church as a credible witness to His truth, and to this end He will work these wonders to persuade us to seek Him with, through, and in His One True Church. It is His way of redeeming us, the "incarnational" way, whereby He gives us to one another so that we will find Him with, through, and in one another. We must allow ourselves to be taken into that Church and led by it. His Body is the Church, with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as her patrimony, not excluding the Pope, Church authority and teaching, the Bishops and Priests, Mary, the Holy Eucharist and the other Sacraments, including Confession and indissoluble Matrimony. Reunited in the fullness of her gifts, the Church will shine like the sun before the nations. They will see that she alone offers and can give salvation, and they will stream into that heavenly city from all the corners of the earth.

The Church lives in time, and it will take time for the conversion of the world to take place and for evangelization to be completed. God can pierce time as He did during The Warning, but the spread of the message depends ordinally, even after such a prodigy as The Warning, on the ministry of the Church in time. There has to be, therefore, an Era of Peace, to allow evangelization to unfold. The world will not be brought into the Church overnight, nor without struggle, persecution, hardship and pain. Not everyone has been so renovated by The Warning that all will immediately embrace the Christian faith. Local churches will need opportunity to become fully united and mature, strong enough to engage in the work of evangelizing. The process that began in Jerusalem and Antioch over nineteen centuries ago will have to be repeated, this time on a world-wide basis. A well-developed system of instruction, catechesis, pastoral care and mutual support must first blossom, to render recognizable the Church where all can find salvation. The Church must be properly organized to evangelize the world, and the world may be hesitant to surrender at once to the demands of living the full implications of the mystery of Church. The complete conversion of the world by the Church newly reunited will require much time. We will need the Era of Peace.

What will the Church of the Era of Peace be like? The prophecy given at Garabandal creating the greatest curiosity concerns the present Pope. Conchita tells us Our Lady revealed that "There will be only two more Popes after Paul VI, but that does not mean the end of the world." This difficult prediction implies that during the last years of history remaining before the Second Coming of Christ, the Church will have no Pope. Will it also be the Era of Peace? Or will the Era of Peace be so short that this present Pope, John Paul II, who according to the prophecy is the last one, will live to the end of it, when persecution begins again and only a short time is left before the world ends? Or can it signify that a form of Church unity will be embraced where the Petrine office will be exercised by more than one person or by a college of Patriarchs, somewhat after the manner of the Orthodox Church? The meaning of Mary's words is obscure, but she does link this prophecy about the last Pope with the "end of the times."

Perhaps the purpose the Blessed Virgin has in unveiling this unusual prediction is to prepare us for unprecedented organizational shifts in the structure of the Church of the future. Reunion and world-evangelization will require enormous alteration of attitudes and methods to accomplish the tasks at hand. The Church, it appears, will be vastly different from the one we are used to now, and light years away from the Church as it was before the Second Vatican Council.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 5

Yves Dupont was one of my favorite writers of Catholic prophecy. His book "Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement" is one of my go-to books on the topic.

"He will travel to Rome" (Hilarion, 15th Century)

"Shall make his sail spring forth" (Nostradamus, 16th Century)

"Greece he will invade and be made King thereof." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

"He will restore the Church of Santa Sophia (in Constantinople)." (St. Bridget, 14th Century)

"He shall fight in Syria and win the Holy Cross." (Old Scottish)

"He shall recover the Land of Promise." (Aystinger)

"He will regain Holy Land after terrible wars in Europe." (Telesphorus de Cozensa, 11th Century)

"He will conquer England." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

("Invade Greece" and "conquer England" must not be understood with the modern and unpleasant connotation that these terms now have. This Emperor will be anything but "imperialist". It means, in effect, that he will go to England to help the English people out of their Communist enslavement, and he will land in Greece to expel the Mohammedans. All this will be made clear later in this article.

" ... will pursue Libyan race from Hungary as far as Gibraltar." (Nostradamus)

" ... away shall drive the strange race Arabic." (Nostradamus)

(At this stage, may I caution against dismissing the idea of a Mohammedan invasion in Europe as extravagant. I discussed this point in my first book: the Mohammedan invasion is mentioned in an exceedingly large number of prophecies, and the prophecies are true. The invasion will be made possible because,

(a) Soviet Russia, the Beast of the Earth, will give Mohammed, the Beast of the Sea, all the military support she can, hoping thereby to avoid a direct involvement of herself in Western Europe;
(b) because Western Europe will be in a state of utter chaos at the close of murderous civil wars.

It was just as "extravagant" to speak of the "Revolt of the Algerians in 1938 when Algeria was regarded as being an extension of metropolitan France, but the revolt did come to pass in the sixties, and Algeria is now independent.)

"The Great Monarch ... will conquer the (Middle) East." (Pareus, 17th Century)

"Cyprus, the Turks and Barbarians he will subdue."(Cataldus, 5th Century)

"The Eagle will also invade the Mohammedan countries." (St. Bridget, 14th Century)

"He shall destroy the Jewish and Mohammedan sects." (St. Bridget)

"He shall destroy the Mohammedan sect and the rest of the infidels." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

"The Empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up (by him)." (Ven. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"He shall subdue to his dominion the Mohammedan Empire" (Gekner, 17th Century)

"He shall reign over the House of Agar, and shall possess Jerusalem." (Isidore of Seville,, 7th Century)

(Agar was an Egyptian bondwoman in the service of Sarah, wife of Abraham who was barren. She bore Abraham a son called Ishmael.)

"He shall wrestle the Kingdom of the Christians from Ishmael, and conquer it from the Saracens. None of the Saracens shall be able to prevail."
(Liber Mirabilis, 16th Century)

(Ishmael was sent back to Egypt with Agar his mother when Sarah finally bore Abraham a son called Isaac. Ishmael is the ancestor of the Arabic people; Isaac, the ancestor of the Ishraelites (or Israelites). Both Ishmaelites and Ishraelites (or Ismaelites and Israelites) are issued from Abraham. But the Ismaelites must be regarded as inferior (despite current illusions about human equality) for at least two reasons, (a) they are descended from a bondwoman who was later sent away as unwanted; (b) God made an alliance with Abraham and Isaac, his son. This does not mean, however, that the Israelis are justified in dispossessing and driving out the Palestinian Arabs from the land of their birth.

As a matter of fact, the Israelites repudiated their alliance with God the day they crucified Our Lord, and what they are doing now, against both Christians and Arabs, shows that the old Talmudic dream is being gradually implemented. In the present Israel-Arab conflict, therefore, we have much sympathy for the Arabs.

The Warning Pt. 12: The Era of Peace (Chapter 9)

"If people do as I ask, there will be peace." These words of hope spoken by Our Lady of Fatima preceded a long litany of misfortunes that she predicted would come upon the world if her requests were not taken seriously. It is imperative to realize that her assertion still holds: there definitely will be peace, if people do as she asks. If, even now, during the "last warnings," we respond with repentance, letting our hearts be cleansed of sin by God's forgiving grace, there will indeed be peace: peace first in each person's heart, then throughout the whole world in society, initiating an Era of Peace, which she prophesied would inevitably arrive.

Had we listened at the beginning, or at any time over the years she was remonstrating with us, we could have averted "wars, famine, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father." Many good people would have been spared martyrdom, hunger would not have ravaged nations, Russia would have already been converted, and never would she have been able to "spread her errors throughout the world," The Second World War would never have happened.

But these afflictions did take place. Has peace been lost forever? Will the human race obliterate itself with global nuclear war? Is peace a dream, an illusion?

"In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph . . .and an Era of Peace will be given to the world." This promise is unconditional. Peace is coming. It will be the peace that Jesus gives, not that which is given by "the world." People will finally do as she asks, and there will be peace. Peace, and era of peace, is surely on its way. It is not an illusion to believe this. The Mother of God has predicted it. Despite human considerations and doubts, failures and sins, wars or punishment, her prophecy will come true "in the end."

The Era of Peace awaits The Triumph. Measuring the time that remains before peace arrives is not possible, since the coming of peace depends on The Triumph happening in us beforehand. We must first hold in our hearts the sinlessness of the Immaculate Heart before peace can come. Repentance must route sin before any peace can be ours. Love must override every other consideration, reconciling us all in gentleness, before we can see peace come. Families and neighborhoods, towns and cities, countries and nations must be reconciled before there can be peace. Above all, Christians must be brought together again in one Body which is the Church, before peace can descend on us from heaven. And the peace must be from heaven. Our Lady referred to this by assuring us that peace will "be given" to the world. It will come from God.

Thus the Era of Peace must wait until The Triumph is complete. Already it has begun in those who have heard the message of Our lady and have changed their lives, striving daily to become holy and pleasing to God, seeking to imitate the Immaculate Heart of Mary with their own hearts. The Warning has already torn untold millions from their sins; in them especially, The Triumph is gaining a foothold. The Miracle will confirm their decision for them and convert many more to follow Jesus. The grace of repentance flowing from these events may well so advance The Triumph that The Punishment will never happen. But the Era of Peace will not arrive until the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is so complete that the hearts of all of us will have already been converted to peace.

Peace is a gift for the heart, and if a heart is at peace, it can give away peace. Peace in me can make the world around me a more peaceful place for others. By my peace, I am ready to be in friendly relationship with everyone I meet. Peaceful nations are made up of peaceful persons who have chosen peace as a way of life for themselves. There can be no war between nations full of peaceful men and women. A heart transformed by one's own inner peace can give to the world the peace that the world cannot give itself. It is those who share, through repentance and conversion, the peace of Jesus, who will inaugurate the Era of Peace promised to us all.

For these reasons, we must wait, we know not how long, for the Era of Peace. It can be hastened by people of peace, delayed by people who reject peace and embrace sin. We only know that it will certainly come, this mysterious "peace." The Immaculate Heart has promised it.

The Era of Peace can arrive very soon. We can hope for a short interval between The Miracle and The Era of Peace, and that The Punishment will not intervene. Should the world be rapidly converted by the marvelous events we have begun to experience in The Warning, it is possible for the Era of Peace to come quickly. After all, "nothing is impossible with God." Perhaps the great wave of intercessory prayer that will well up in the faithful for the conversion of the world will be so effective that The Era of Peace will come without delay. But we have to admit that a longer, even a much longer interval is also possible, and perhaps more likely (given our record of poor response to the messages), and that it may take many hard years before The Triumph is complete and The Era of Peace begins. We simply have no knowledge of how long it will be, after The Miracle, for The Era of Peace to be given to us. Peace may in fact appear only after The Punishment, which God surely will not be eager to see us suffer. We can hope The Era of Peace will come soon, so that through repentance, no punishment will be necessary to bring peace. May the peace of the Lord be with us all by the intercession of Mary, Mother of God. "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now," in our times, that we may know world-wide peace again, in the Heart of Jesus and your Immaculate Heart.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 4

One of the surest facts emerging from this study is the rise of the great Christian King who will set up a new social order upon the ruins of Democracy and Communism. It is simply impossible to elude this conclusion. A few secondary facts emerge also: Communism will not converge and merge with Democracy through dialogue and mutual compromise. Nor will it be defeated by Democracy in a Third World War. Communism will achieve its aim without a global nuclear war. The Western Democracies will break down from inside and will surrender without a fight or, infighting does take place here and there, it will not be able to contain the Russian divisions for more than a few days.

We can pause here for a moment and reflect how such a thing will become possible. It will become possible because of the Munich spirit of the Western Democracies. The USSR is strong militarily, but weak otherwise; its economy is unsound, its capacity for industrial production is limited, its technological know-how is wanting, and it is almost permanently hampered by food shortages. No war can be waged under such conditions. The US government is seeing to it that these limitations are removed.

After squandering billions of dollars on various "aid" programmes, the US economy began to totter. Those dollars, now in the hands of international financiers, were "loaned" in 1972 to the USSR through Swiss Banks. The USSR immediately put them back unto the market, thus precipitating the devaluation of the US dollar in February 1973. Then came the "grain deal": the USA sold its vast reserves at a loss to the USSR in order to relieve their food shortage, and this sent cereal prices soaring in the USA.

Finally, there was the Nixon-Brezhnev meeting, and the technological assistance which the USA has agreed to give to the USSR. Such insanity has to be true to be believed. If it was related in a political novel, the critics would rightly remark that the author had made a serious "plot error". But we are not dealing here with works of fiction, we are dealing with facts, and the insanity of these facts surpasses anything imaginable.

Such is the Munich spirit of the US government and, being what it is, the USSR won't even have to wage a global war; an ultimatum at the opportune moment will suffice or, if there is no ultimatum, unofficial diplomatic pressures will eventually bring the USA into the orbit of the USSR.

Communism will overcome the West, but it will eventually itself be overcome by God. Firstly, through world-wide natural disasters, and secondly through the agency of the Great Monarch whom God will choose for that very purpose:

"His sword will be moved by Divine power......" (Rudolph Gekner, 17th Century)

"And a voice fell from the heavens: 'Here are those whom I have chosen'" (i.e. the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope Premol, 5th Century)

Many more such references could be cited, but these suffice to show that the Great Monarch will, indeed, be sent by God. The context of these short excerpts can be found in "CATHOLIC PROPHECY".

Literally hundreds of prophecies announce the rise of the Great Monarch. Here are a few:
"A Frankish King will one day rule over the entire Roman Empire." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

"The sixth period (of time) will begin with the powerful Monarch." (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

"The good people will triumph when the return of the King is announced." (Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

"He will come from the Fleur-de-Lis..." (Old Saxon prophecy)

"... a King of the House of Lilies..." (St. Cataldus, 5th Century)

"He shall recover the Crown of the Lilies....." (St. Caesar, 5th Century)

"The White Flower again takes possession of the Throne of France." (St. Hildegarde, German Abbess, 12th Century)

"He shall inherit the Crown of the Fleur-de-Lis" (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

Many other details are given about this God-chosen King which might, however, be tedious to enumerate. Thus, his origin is clearly given by several prophecies as coming from "between the Rhine and the North Sea" - (Monk Hilarion, 15th Century).

He will come from the ancient French royal family but he will be truly European, not just French. Through intermarriage most, if not all, royal heirs in Europe today can claim a Capetian ancestry. And, indeed, many prophecies mention that he will have also German blood and Spanish blood, and these prophecies are not necessarily German or Spanish: the Spanish blood, for instance, is mentioned by St. Bridget of Sweden, and the German blood by a French prophet.

Some details, seemingly unimportant, are nevertheless worth mentioning because of their varied origins. Among these is the fact that he will walk with a limp:

"... Prince's foot impeded ... " (Nostradamus, 16th Century)

"He will be lame afoot ... " (Old German prophecy)

"God touched the sinew of his hip. He was in great pain and from that day on, he walked with a limp ... " (Anne-Catherine Emmerich, 19th Century)

"This Prince shall mount his horse on the right-hand side, because he limps from one foot .... " (Peasant Jasper, Germany)

He will be full of goodness and virtue; many prophecies insist on this:

"A very pious King shall reign over Spain ..... " (St. Isidore, 7th Century)

"In his childhood he will be like a saint; in his youth a great sinner; then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance; his sins shall be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

The Warning Pt. 11: (Chapter 8)

Consecration is a form of devotion. Devotion to the Immaculate Heart can be embraced in a variety of ways, but the one that seems most appropriate today is "consecration." Our Lady of Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, and promised that this would bring about that country's conversion. Consecration is immensely powerful, capable of bringing down graces from heaven that render impossible things possible. In the light of the prophecy about Russia's conversion through consecration, a multitude of Catholics have chosen to consecrate themselves to Mary's Immaculate Heart, thereby expressing in the most adequate way they know their devotion to that Heart. Even though individual consecration was not demanded by Our Lady in any of her apparitions, it would nonetheless appear to be the most complete method to express "devotion" to her Immaculate Heart, and to live that devotion out in everyday life. Those consecrated to her are decided in their own hearts to be continually devoted to her and to carry out her requests. Consecration is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart happening in their hearts.

The consecrated heart is dedicated to becoming like Mary's Immaculate Heart: sinless, full of love. Those who live their consecration witness to The Triumph already realized in them. They have made the choice to allow themselves to be converted. They follow Jesus without reservation. They invited others to the same whole-hearted self-giving to the Lord. Their hearts reflect the goodness and kindness of Mary's Heart. The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the perfect response to Jesus, becomes visible in the lives of those consecrated to that Heart.*

For these reasons, all should seriously consider consecrating themselves to the Immaculate Heart personally. Those who have already done so can testify to consecration's quiet transforming power. They sense that because they have commended themselves completely into the protecting arms of their Mother, she is continually present to them in a new way. They know they are receiving graces they would otherwise not have, because their Mother, Mary Immaculate, is looking after them. They allow her to be for them what God wants her to be. They rely on her acting in them as Mother and Queen. They know her in a new way because of their consecration, and they understand that being devoted to her Immaculate Heart will be the assurance of their salvation.

Consecration is a simple matter. We hand over our whole being into the mystery of being mothered by Mary. In this we imitate Jesus, who, as a little infant, was hers, and who never revoked this gift of Himself to her. We say "Yes" to Mary as He did. We believe God works powerfully through her, and that we are surrendering to that power as it comes through her Heart. Consecration can be expressed more concisely by affirming that it is the same as saying "Yes" to Mary, the Immaculate Heart, just as she is, and just as God gives her to us. We accept the gift of her that Jesus made to us when He said from the Cross to the "beloved disciple,""This is your Mother." We "take her into our own," that is, into everything we have and are.

We attribute no more to her, and no less, than God himself does. Since He made her His Mother, we acknowledge this. We allege also that she is our Mother because He gave her to us when He died on the Cross. She reigns with Him; we let her reign over us. She is sinless, and we aspire to

*This is a beautiful explanation of the devotion of the Scapular of Mt. Carmel. See the book: Sign of Her Heart, AMI Press, Washington, NJ 07882.

be sinless too. She is full of love and we want to be like her. We consecrate ourselves to all these truths about Mary as we consecrate ourselves to her person. We relate to her just as God has revealed her to be, and we hold back from her none of the glory that God Himself has granted her.

Consecration opens itself totally to the immeasurable power of God coming through the vessel of the Immaculate Heart. She is one of God's secrets, one that we can never fully comprehend: measureless love and grace reach down to us by means of the littlest one, Mary. The lowliest, the poorest, are always the chosen. The most humble and unpretentious are the ones most likely to be singled out by the Lord to be channels of His might. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart lives in this kind of faith. It believes that God can do His most powerful works through someone as simple and weak as Mary, the Virgin of Nazareth. She is not God, but one of us, sharing our human estate and helplessness. Nonetheless, she is filled with God's strength like the stone water-jars at Cana, overflowing by God's power with rich wine for the wedding. She pours out this wine of grace for others. She gives it to us to drink through her love and prayer. She shares in the mediation of Christ. This should cause us no embarrassment. We members of His Body mediate the same grace of Christ as we baptize, forgive, intercede, love. But in her there does not exist the impediment to sharing God's grace which belongs to us because of our sinfulness. In her case, because she is Immaculate (sinless), the Spirit of Jesus rushes upon us through her Heart with such exuberant fullness that there is nothing beyond the ambit of her influence. Consecration acknowledges her universal reign with Christ and welcomes it. The person consecrated to the Immaculate Heart has submitted willingly to God's plan to act through Mary, and revels in the joy of having made that decision. Consecration is an act of humility, by which we bend low as Jesus did when He washed His disciples' feet. In the littleness it admits of itself, it opens the human heart to miracles of transformation. It hastens the reformation of hearts the world over. It quickens The Triumph and the Era of Peace. It averts The Punishment by availing itself of God's mercy, coming through the Mother of Mercy. It shortens the time of The Tribulation, even turning it aside. Consecration assures us of salvation and empowers us to intercede more earnestly and effectively for the salvation of sinners. It is a most necessary ingredient of Our Lady's peace-plan, and will hurry on its fulfillment.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 3

Here are some events that were predicted long ago:
  1. Ireland occupied by the English for seven Centuries.
  2. England leaving the Catholic Church in the 16th Century.
  3. The discovery of the Continent of America.
  4. The French Revolution and the decapitation of the French King.
  5. Modern inventions: the steam engine, the motor-car, the aeroplane, submarines, nuclear power, television.
  6. The rise of the lower classes and the advent of Democracy.
  7. Communism.
  8. The development of literacy, the proliferation of pornography.
  9. Low moral standards, permissiveness, deviations.
  10. Crisis in the Church, new liturgy, apostasy of many bishops.
This, I might say, is not a comprehensive listing, merely a few examples. But if the first part of these prophecies has come to pass, should we disregard the second? I do not disregard the second part. Here are the events which we can now expect:
  1. Civil wars, revolutions, break-down of authority everywhere.
  2. Military coups even in Western Countries.
  3. An anti-pope in Rome. The developing apostasy becomes universal.
  4. Persecution of the Church by Communist governments, abetted at first by many of the hierarchy and Clergy.
  5. Complete destruction of the Church's structures at the hands of the Communists and even those who collaborated with them.
  6. Natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, drought, famines, epidemics.
  7. Cosmic phenomenon, three days of darkness, collapse of Communism.
  8. More military coups and rise of the Great Monarch.
  9. Re-birth of the Catholic Church. New Ecumenic Council, restoration of former disciplines in the Church. A Holy Pope occupies the Chair of Peter.
  10. Period of peace, faith, plenty. 
What comes after this is not the subject matter of this article.

The Warning Pt. 10: What Will Hasten The Triumph? (Chapter 7)

The Triumph has been delayed. Even in the very beginning of this century, an age of wars and great suffering, Our Lady tried to make it clear that peace would come quickly if people would only heed her requests: "If people do as I ask, there will be peace;" if not---calamity! The Triumph could have occurred in 1917, had we listened and heeded. Again, in 1929, she came and asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, saying "now is the time." That was over fifty years ago. Repeatedly, she has pleaded with us, and as yet, The Triumph has not come. It has been delayed, held back, kept at a distance.

But if it can be delayed, surely it can be hastened! It must be hastened, for time is running out. At Garabandal Our Lady of Mount Carmel asserted that "You are now receiving the last warnings." We must hurry and persuade others to hurry. The Warning impels us. Many are in danger of "perdition." They are our brothers and sisters. We must help them by doing the most we can to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart quickly.

Prayer hastens the Triumph. It accelerates the transformation of the heart. Only prayer can bring about the process that produces in the heart the kind of holiness found in the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Prayer alone opens the heart to the transforming love of the Father. Even Jesus, the very Son of the Father, equal to Him in all things, had to pray. He prayed so well that His whole human life became a prayer. Because He prayed perfectly, the Holy Spirit formed His Sacred Heart into the glorious vessel of Divine Life that we know it now to be. The same Spirit is working in our hearts continually by His grace, according to the degree that we open to Him in prayer. As we pray, He acts with power and love in our hearts to make them more like the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The Triumph is hastened in us personally by prayer.

Our Lady always reminded us of this most fundamental activity when she visited us in her apparitions. She never failed to insist on prayer, calling the visionaries who saw her to prayer and conveying to us through them her demand that we return to prayer. There is no other way to reach God.

We are surrounded by the inexpressibly merciful love of the Father. We are immersed in the being of Him who is love itself, yet we can somehow still remain entirely unaware of His presence, if we do not pray. Prayer opens the mind to realities around us that are the source of eternal life and bliss. It acknowledges that we are creatures who can have a profound love-relationship with God when we turn to Him in prayer, and admits our need of His friendship in order to gain happiness. It accepts not only the possibility, but the necessity of God giving us salvation, and surrenders to the truth that we cannot save ourselves. By prayer we assert that we are not alone, and that we do not want to be alone. We are responsible to another Who loves us and Who is our God. To be with God and to let Him be with us is not only the purpose of prayer, but the very point of our existence.

Prayer allows God to act in the world. It is our world because He has given us dominion over it. But He wants us to invite Him in turn to be Lord over it, so that His dominion and ours will be shared, as between Father and Son. He will never act in us coercively, but only with complete respect for our freedom---the gift that makes us fully human and most like Him. If He is to act in our hearts, then we must give Him that freedom by our surrender, in faith, to His reign. The kingdom will come on earth only when we let it in, for the reign of God is a rulership over hearts which are free. Only prayer so liberates our hearts that we can give them over completely to Him and His reign.

Mary understands this well because she experienced it all in her own Heart, an Immaculate Heart having no resistance in it to God. She is full of love, given over completely to the reign of God. She is like this not only because God gave her the grace to become so, but because she prayed, and let the Father always do with her as He willed. "Be it done unto me according to your word," she told Him. She knows, because it happened to her, that God pours His love abundantly into the hearts of those who open to Him in prayer. She understands from her own life that prayer is the answer to all the ills of the world.

So she recommends it to us. She often commanded the visionaries of Garabandal to pray the Rosary, the childlike, earthy prayer which symbolizes the need we have fore littleness. She reveals to Lucy of Fatima that God has endowed the Rosary with special power in modern times; that when we pray with the Rosary, she will hear our prayers. The Rosary is the central item on the prayer-program the Blessed Virgin urges upon the world.

But it is not the only form of prayer that she recommends. Of the children of Fatima, Francisco is rapidly drawn into deep mystical contemplation during and after the apparitions, and given the task of "consoling God"; Jacinta is almost obsessed with a divine passion to intercede for sinners and for the Holy Father; Lucy remains on earth for a lengthy contemplative-like apostolate of keeping the message of Fatima alive and of spreading devotion to the Immaculate Heart. They all pray the Rosary, but other forms of prayer emerge as well in their spiritual life. It is not so much a special kind of prayer that makes the difference (although Mary does insist on the Rosary), but prayer itself that is most important.

Penance and reparation also hasten The Triumph. The ones who saw the Blessed Virgin were called to special ways of penance and reparation. The sufferings of Saint Catherine Laboure were lifelong, but mostly interior and hidden completely from others. Saint Bernadette went through excruciating agonies of body and mind in the last years of her short life. The children of Fatima suffered not only during the apparitions, but afterwards also. Jacinta and Francisco both embraced self-imposed penances which Our Lady approved, but which were very difficult indeed. Both of these little ones suffered terrible physical pain because of the diseases to which they eventually succumbed, first Francisco, then Jacinta. Our Lady took them to heaven, which she had promised to do, but not without their first enduring much suffering "for sinners." She had asked them on her first meeting with them whether they were willing to accept all the suffering God would send them for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for sin. All three had answered "Yes." To this Our Lady rejoined, "Then you will have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort." And so it happened. When she returned later to announce to them that the First World War would soon end because of their prayers, they knew they had hastened the peace. But it was prayer, penance, and reparation that had turned the tide of evil, not the arms and might of men.

None of the messages given to the visionaries is for themselves alone. They, in their experiences with their heavenly visitor, always in some way represent us. Some of the suffering they endure is exceptional, to make the point that suffering has meaning and power---power to redeem the world. We ought to understand this simply by our looking intently at Jesus crucified on the Cross, but we seem to need reminding that the lesson applies to our sufferings as well. We, the members of the Body of Christ Jesus, like the children of Fatima and the others who saw Our Lady, are called into the penance and reparation which can hasten The Triumph and bring peace to the world.

Daily duty is penance and reparation. Our Lord told Lucy of Fatima some years after the apparitions that the penance He now seeks and requires of us is that we embrace the daily duties before us. He demands nothing unusual, but only that we accept fully the discipline daily duty entails, and the pain it includes. Such fidelity will hasten The Triumph, since it puts into practice what has happened in the heart. We can pray and be converted interiorly, but our conversion must emerge in the fulfillment of daily duty and in responsible behavior. Love is not love until it is expressed in a human way. It must be visible in our relationships with others, if it is to become real.

There is considerable penance in our lives when we apply ourselves to daily duty. We need not look far from the demands of every-day life to discover self-sacrifice and love. The will of the Father is hidden in the ordinary responsibilities of each day. Not even Jesus Himself performed any special penance that we know of. He simply accomplished His Father's will, going about doing good. For His efforts, He was crucified, and by His pain He redeemed the world. So it is with all of us. The children of Fatima were not asked by the Lady "Will you please choose the hardest penance you can think of, to make reparation for the sins of the world?", but rather, "Will you accept all the suffering God will send you?" Into every person's life God sends suffering. The events and circumstances of each day point out to us the path of love God wishes us to follow. Our acts of penance and reparation are tied up in the little things, seemingly insignificant, that tug on us moment-by-moment, saying to us: "This way to love, that way to love." The will of the Father is evident if we are willing to embrace love and the pain it includes. Doing the Father's will in love is the perfect method to hasten "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Era of Peace."

Amendment of life will hasten The Triumph. "Men must amend their lives," Our Lady of Fatima declared. "They must stop offending Our Lord, who is already too much offended." We must give up sin and become imitators of Jesus and Mary if we are to bring about The Triumph sooner. Amendment of life is the central condition of the world's renewal. Unless we amend and change our lives, no amount of praying or penance will bring the Era of Peace. There will be no peace, no triumph, until we reform. The failure to heed this challenge is the reason why The Warning has finally confronted us. Sin threatens us with catastrophe. Sin must be abandoned. We must keep God's commandments and give up our wayward, selfish deeds. Destruction threatens our civilization, our security, our very lives. "Certain nations will be annihilated" if the present situation does not change. Amendment of life is the most determinative element in God's program to save us from disaster. More swiftly than anything else we can do, true repentance will avert The Punishment and hasten The Triumph. We must amend our lives, "for Our Lord is already too much offended."

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart will hasten The Triumph. To amend our lives so radically, however, is like moving a mountain. Surely this is why the Lord wants to establish in the world Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She proclaimed, "To those who embrace this devotion I promise salvation." Devotion to her Heart will bring us the graces we need to thoroughly amend our lives. We need to seriously consider how to embrace this devotion and remain faithful to it. It assures our own victory over the sin within us. Our being devoted to her Immaculate Heart will hasten the world-wide Triumph over evil which has been prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima.


The next chapter of this little book deserves special attention.

In the final vision of Fatima Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (as she appeared at Garabandal) holding the Brown Scapular of Carmel out to the world.

When Lucia was asked why this apparition of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with the Scapular she replied: "Because She wants everyone to wear it. It is the sign of consecration to Her Immaculate Heart."

In the next chapter Fr. Bebie explains the meaning of this consecration realized through the Scapular Devotion without going into details about the Scapular itself. For further information we urge the reader to consult a classic book on this subject titled Sign of Her Heart, published by AMI Press, Washington, NJ 077882 . . . also a new book soon to appear: Her Glorious Title.

The Warning Pt. 9: The Triumph of the Imaculate Heart (Chapter 6)

The Next Day
"My Immaculate Heart will triumph!" This prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima, unlike most of the others, is unconditional; it will come to pass, and nothing will prevent it from happening. The Triumph is a certainty. To achieve it is the very purpose for which the Mother of God has been visiting and importuning us for so long a time. "In the end," she assures us, "My Immaculate Heart will triumph." At the climax of the battle between good and evil, between the Church (Mary especially) and the Dragon (Satan and his followers), goodness will be totally triumphant over wickedness. The struggle will be over. The Evil One will be defeated, his head crushed by her heel. The Woman shall conquer.

The meaning of The Triumph is victory over sin. In Mary's own Heart, good has already triumphed absolutely. There is no sin in her. She is already glorified in heaven, untouched in any way by evil's contamination. Victory over evil has reached its zenith in her Immaculate Heart. The coming of The Triumph of that Heart, however, must signify more than her own personal triumph. The prophecy refers to her triumph happening in us, as sin is cast out through repentance, and love reigns in the world. In The Triumph, our hearts will become like hers.

Her Triumph is victory over evil in our own hearts. This is what happens at the moment of our conversion from sin. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart takes hold when a heart turns toward God with Mary's faith and surrender. When we say "Yes" to God, declaring our "fiat" as she did, The Triumph begins in us. She allowed God to be all in her. As God's messenger, she invites us to accept the saving power of God calling us to repentance. Our triumph begins when we say "Yes" to Him, and it grows and puts down roots more deeply until that Day when we will be raised up with Christ, just as Mary was raised up in her Assumption. The Triumph will appear on earth, "in the end," when everyone in the world consents to repeat the "Yes" of Mary given to God when she consented to become Mother to His Holy One, Jesus.

The Triumph has already begun, therefore, because many, the world over, have already listened to the Marian messages over the years, and have made the choices she asked for. They have said "Yes" to the Lord, and joined with Mary in prayer and sacrifice to help save us all and bring the Era of Peace. In some, this triumph of a faith-filled "Yes" has been in their hearts for many years, even from childhood. The prayers and virtuous lives of these people have certainly brought blessing and protection to an undeserving generation. But for the vast majority, The Triumph seems to have not yet begun. It is to these children of hers that the Blessed Mother directs her appeals. She does not want them to be lost. They must and will turn to the Lord and be saved. In them also, The Triumph will come.

By her prophecy quoted above, the Queen of Heaven assures us that the present situation will be reversed by the intervention of God. By His great mercy, by the intercession of the Immaculate Heart and of those who join with her in her efforts to turn the world around, it will happen. Not only Russia, but the whole world will be converted. Mary has promised that conversion; The Warning we have recently known imperiously demands it. The Miracle soon to be seen in Garabandal has world-conversion as its purpose. The Punishment, if it comes, will guarantee it. The conversion of the world is sure to come. The world will become His by our conversion and His intervention. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will arrive.

The Triumph will glorify Mary, the Mother of God. God "wishes to establish in the world devotion to the Immaculate Heart." He wills to glorify His Mother on earth. His intention in this regard is obvious when we consider the implications of her Assumption, a mystery which assures us that He has already given to her personally all the glory she can receive. He fills her with glory through Jesus, her Son, who has that glory as His very own. He who is "full of grace and of truth," the "Only-begotten of the Father" "on whom His favor rests," wants to glorify His own Mother to the utmost, by giving to her the fullness of Resurrection that He himself has received from the Holy Spirit.

We are to support Him in this enterprise. We glorify Mary with Him. We must acknowledge before all men and women the marvelous work He has accomplished in her, making her more beautiful than the sun and stars, more comely than the moon, crowning her Queen of all in the dazzling raiment of the Lord's light.

We will glorify her by obeying her perennial summons to repentance, by imitating her response to Jesus, by proclaiming her name as Mother of God and Mother of the Church. God wants it to be known the world over that the triumph of good over evil is meant to come, and certainly will come, through her Immaculate Heart. She will be glorified by both God and us on earth, for it will become manifest that God has worked The Triumph through her.

The Triumph will be a conversion event that will be so powerful and universal that all will be compelled to praise God for the magnificent works He has done in His creature, Mary. The awesome might that this humble handmaiden possesses as she shares in the redemption of the world will be abundantly clear before all eyes. The Triumph will be recognizable in the total conversion of the world---an historical event of such magnitude that it will make all former moments of glory seem like shadows. God will accord immense glory to Mary, the Immaculate Heart, and we will then begin to comprehend with what glory He intends to adorn each of us, in our turn. Mary will show forth, in her Triumph, the inestimable glory promised to the Church (to each one of us). Our destiny is the same as hers, if we repent of our sins and seek the Lord with our whole heart. We too will be glorified by God with Jesus and Mary, and with the same glory of the Holy Spirit they have received from the Father.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 2

Admittedly, I have formed my own opinion on some of these post-war reports, as some of my readers well know, but the purpose of this article is mainly to present a collection of prophecies that have either been approved by the Church as worthy of credence (e.g. Anne Catherine Emmerich), or given ample proof of their authenticity (e.g. Zacharias). This is not to say that I have no intention of ever writing a critical study of recent reports - (I have done so concerning Garabandal and Stich), but only that they are not within the scope of this article because they require a different treatment and approach.

Some of the prophecies given here have already been cited in my book "CATHOLIC PROPHECY" in which I gave a general picture of the coming upheaval. The present article bears more specifically on the glorious Age of Peace to come, under the reign of the Great Monarch. For this reason, I do not propose to quote at length the prophecies of my previous book but only the passages relating to the Age of Peace and the Great Monarch.

Many of these prophecies are French, and they make it quite clear that Monarchy will be restored in France. But the restoration of Monarchy will not be a local affair; it will be a world-wide phenomenon. This will mark a near historical epoch and, because of this, many people are finding it hard to believe.
The age of republics and Democracies will be over, Communism and Socialism a thing of the past. This age of peace will also be an age of belief and an age of plenty. It will mark the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of Christ the King, the revaluation of authority and discipline, and the conversion of the entire world to the Catholic Faith - (except for a few pockets of unbelief).

These conclusions have been drawn from my study of private prophecies which I began about 30 years ago. These prophecies were made from the very beginning of the Christian Era up to our own time. They originate from virtually every country in the world) non-Christian lands included. The concordance existing between hundreds of different prophecies is truly remarkable. It would be unreasonable to claim that the bulk of these private seers were merely repeating earlier prophecies which they had themselves read. Such a claim is untenable for a number of reasons: firstly, because communication between various countries was very limited prior to the 19th Century. Secondly, because all writings were in manuscript form before Gutenberg evolved the printing press in the 15th Century. Thirdly, because some of these prophecies were discovered many centuries after they had been written. In a few cases, however, it is known that some prophecies were not made by those who handed them down; and in other cases it is not inconceivable that an old manuscript may have repeated the substance of an earlier one. Thus, the wording of St. Remy's prophecy, so strikingly similar to that of St. Augustine, may be just relating what St. Remy had heard or read from the writings of St. Augustine which, even in his life-time, were reproduced in manuscript form in the monasteries of Western Europe. St. Augustine died in 430, and St. Remy was born in 437.
In his youth, St. Remy would have been conversant with the writings of St. Augustine. Such cases are few in number. But the final argument lies in the fact that many of the early prophecies have already come to pass in part.

The Warning Pt. 8: The Permanent Sign (Chapter 5)

We have not yet mentioned in this book The Permanent Sign that the Blessed Virgin promised would remain at Garabandal after The Miracle at "The Pines" (a grove of nine pines outside the village of the tip of a rocky land leading up the hill). Little has been revealed about the nature of this Sign. We know the following details: it will be remain at The Pines until the end of the world; we will be able to see, photograph, and televise it, but not touch it; no one will be able to explain it by scientific analysis (it will be supernatural). It will remind us forever of the Great Miracle, which will center on that very spot. Anyone who wishes will be able to go to Garabandal after The Miracle and examine The Sign. It will recall to our minds that God summons the world to repentance, and testify throughout time that the Lord insists that we abandon our sins. Because it will remain there until the world ends, it will also insist by it presence that the world will indeed one day end, and that Jesus will come again on the "clouds of heaven" "to make all things new," and to "judge the living and the dead."

The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment must be taken as a single redemptive event in order to be understood. The Sign will be a reminder of all three of them. People will remember what happened, and will tell their children and grandchildren of the great deeds of God that transpired there. After The Miracle, this Sign will begin its work, while the populace of the globe is passing through the period of challenge to conscience The Miracle will induce. The Sign will be there in the midst confronting us, crying out by its very presence: "Repentance!" as did Our Lady of Lourdes. It will not let us forget that The Punishment will surely come if The Warning and The Miracle are ignored.

The sign will focus our attention on the truth that God has visibly intervened on this mountain, just as He did on Mount Sinai and Mount Calvary, on Mount Carmel, and at Pentecost on Mount Sion---to call His people to Himself. Patriarchs of old set up altars and monuments to commemorate forever their experience of God at a certain place, which then became forever sacred by His coming. At Garabandal, for the first time in history, the Lord Himself sets His own Sign in The Pines for a perpetual memorial of His saving act for today's world.

The Sign calls us all to holiness. The Israelites were continually reminded by the fiery cloud hovering over The Meeting Tent that God was with them, leading them relentlessly to holiness and to the Holy Land. The Sign will be with us like that cloud of God's glory, to remind us that the Lord is leading us also to holiness and to the land of heaven, and that He will not tolerate idolatry among His people. There is only One God, and Jesus, born of Mary, is His Only-begotten Son. We must follow Him back to the Father; there is no other Way. We are to climb the mountain of Calvary He climbed, just as Moses once climbed up Mount Sinai into the fiery cloud. With Jesus, the new Moses, and in Him, we enter the cloud and fire, to meet God "face-to-Face." The Sign will be high on the mountain, in Garabandal, a mountain often shrouded in clouds just above The Pines. The Sign will beckon to us all: "Come to The Mountain, where God dwells." Whoever journeys there will be touched by the power in the cloud, the same power that can send The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment. The Sign will interpret history to the generation that beholds it, saying, "There is only One God, and Jesus is His son. Do not again worship false gods, else punishment will come again." If we are tempted to go to war again, to again choose values and actions that are selfish and sinful rather than choose God, then The Sign will be there to warn us that such will be the way of death. It will be a permanent "warning" of what could happen again, should we reject Him. The Sign will make the place holy over which it blazes, calling us to holiness.

The Sign will point to heaven. It will tell us always that this present life will one day end, and that we will ascend, as Jesus and Mary did, to an eternal life that is beyond the clouds and our understanding. Our destiny is to live forever with God in heaven. The permanence of The Sign will persuade us to keep our eyes fixed, not on earthly, but on heavenly things. Its presence in the center of a renewed world will demand the holiness that heaven knows. We must prevent what happened before from happening again, by avoiding sin and embracing heaven's holy way. The Sign will recall to us that it was because of sin that the former world was destroyed and rejected. It will continue to alert us, as The Warning once did to the world at large, of the terrible danger that sin presents to our lives and happiness. It will cast light on our sin and show it to be the true enemy that it is: sin alone can deprive us of heaven.

The Sign will guard "The Era of Peace." The period of peace that Our Lady promised at Fatima will come. The duration of that peace is indefinite; she assures us that we will be given a "certain period" of peace. The Peace can be squandered by sin. In none of Mary's prophecies does she predict that sin will cease after God intervenes. The struggle against sin will continue, even until the Day of the Lord when Jesus comes again to wipe it out forever. As children are being born who have never known the previous age and its degradation, nor The Warning, The Miracle, or The Punishment, they, like all the others before them, will be tempted by sin. The sign will instruct them, reinforcing the teaching of their parents, that they must never sin as their forebears did. Otherwise The Peace they have inherited will be lost again, and then surely people would destroy one another and bring a final end to the world. These children and their children in turn will be able to go to Garabandal to gaze on The Sign---a testimony against the sins of past generations, an explanation of why the old world had to end and why there is now peace and unity, and a warning for the future, that never again must men and women offend our Lord so much. The children of today's generation will return home chastened by the sight of The Permanent Sign and by its power, for somehow it will enlighten their minds and fire their hearts to know their own sinfulness, and call them to repentance too, purifying them as they come near its glory. The Sign will protect the Era of Peace by commanding each one to be at peace with brother and sister, with self and with God. It will guard the age to come until the end of the world.

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Yves Dupont on the Great Monarch Pt. 1

MORE ABOUT THE GREAT MONARCH (AND THE GLORIOUS AGE OF PEACE TO COME UNDER THE REIGN OF THE GREAT MONARCH) by Yves Dupont from World Trends #41, August, 1974 (Printed form to ASCII conversion by

[NOTE: Words or phrases bounded by the "_" symbol were underlined in the original.]

There has been a great number of reported apparitions since 1945. I know many of these and possess a fairly comprehensive documentation on most, but I do not intend quoting any here because these recent reports have either been condemned, or the Church is still examining them. It may be argued that a
condemnation from an apostate bishop is worthless but, granted that apostasy has made devastating inroads in the Church, it does not follow that every bishop is an apostate. Further a
condemnation issued by an apostate cannot be taken as worthless on this ground alone, for an apostate may still speak truth on occasion. Finally, it must be borne in mind that apostasy can
take many forms: there are shades of grey between black and white; a bishop who ignores the decrees of the Council of Trent on the Mass, or other matters, is not necessarily a faithless renegade in all matters; there is such a thing as human weakness bowing to pressure and, if this does not exonerate the fainthearted, it does provide a measure of extenuation. It would be foolish to regard a bishop's condemnation of a reported apparition as an additional reason to believe in it!

It is beyond question that some of these recent reports are true, if only for the fact that Our Lady, since 1830, has never allowed a period of 28 years to go by before again visiting the world. As the climax approaches, it is only reasonable to assume that Our Lady will make her appeals more pressing and more frequent. But because the climax approaches, it is also
reasonable to assume that the devil will increase his own efforts for the down-fall of souls by fabricating false apparitions and working lying wonders. The devil, as we know, is cunning and
clever; he may speak truth in order to draw people away from the Church or, on the contrary, he may urge obedience to a bishop or priest he already controls. His intelligence far surpasses our human understanding, and what he does and says may sometimes appear excellent on the surface. In view of this, there is a very real danger in accepting uncritically a reported apparition
merely because the eye-witnesses saw extraordinary things. Our suspicion should even be stronger as the messages are the more verbose.

The Warning Pt. 7: The Punishment (Chapter 4)

As the second year of the apparitions at Garabandal began, on June 19th and 20th, 1962, while a novena in preparation for the Feast of Corpus Christi was in progress, the four children were led alone into the darkness outside the village. They instructed the people not to follow them. Shortly thereafter the townspeople heard them screaming with terror, pleading in prayer for God to spare the people, especially the children. Whenever the people prayed, led by the priest conducting the novena, the wailing diminished, but it resumed when they ceased. The girls informed everyone later that they had witnessed "The Punishment" that would come if people, in the end, would refuse to amend their lives. Many years later, Mari Loli, one of the girls, elaborated somewhat on what she knew of this mysterious calamity, saying that it would be like fire all over the world. Even the seas would be on fire, so that people would have nowhere to flee. The visionaries are still afraid today when they think of what they have seen in this vision. They fear for themselves, for all of us, and especially for their own children, for they are all mothers of their own families now. They are forbidden by the Blessed Virgin, however, to say anything more about it.

The Punishment, if it comes, will take place after The Miracle. Unlike the time-span between The Warning and The Miracle (these will occur less than a year apart), there is no indication given of how long the period will be after The Miracle occurs until the time of The Punishment, if the latter does come. Punishment will not happen if people do as Mary asks, amending their lives. Punishment can be delayed and moderated by good deeds and prayer. But it will ultimately descend upon us if there is no sincere amendment on our part. God, in His compassion, realizes we need time for the message to reach us. Even after we have heard, it takes time for us to comprehend and respond. So He gives us more time---centuries if necessary---to make up our minds. After all, the last choice we make is irrevocable: heaven or hell. Our Father will give us time to listen and to heed, to decide and to act. The time of delay will end only when it is no longer a mercy to hold off punishment. As a consequence, we will have time between The Miracle and The Punishment, just as He has given us time between The Warning and The Miracle. If we use the interval well that He is offering us, and accept the mercy of God calling us to repentance, The Punishment will never come. It will, however, arrive swiftly, if the world, having felt The Warning and seen The Miracle, decides not to change at all. It will then become unthinkable for Him not to intervene, in order to prevent that "even the elect" not be saved.

The Punishment will come directly from God. This is no doubt the most troublesome of all the prophecies of Garabandal, or for that matter, of all the Marian prophecies concerning the "punishment." It is easier to explain "punishment" if we construe it to be the result, even on the corporate or global level, of our loveless and selfish behavior. But if we believe in the all-merciful God who is Father, and that His love for us is unlimited and unconditional, then how could He directly punish the whole world in a dreadful way?

The answer to that question is really beyond us, yet somehow The Punishment is compatible with His mercy. What even the best of theologians cannot understand or explain, we cannot hope to elucidate with absolute clarity. Some will reject this part of the prophecies about The Punishment, seeing it as too harsh to blend with the image of a merciful Father whom they know by personal experience. Yet The Warning we have just suffered has already accorded the Garabandal message irrefutable confirmation. The Warning itself was a direct intervention from God. We all felt it by immediate experience, and it was "like" a punishment. It was a momentary anticipation of The Punishment, and warns us what The Punishment will be like, if it comes, as a result of our sins. Because of our sin, we felt the searing pain of The Warning. The Punishment will be the full measure of The Warning. Both Warning and Punishment demonstrate that God acts to save the world, and that in this instance, He is intervening directly to tear us away from our sins. The Warning is the first world-wide intervention in history in which God directly warns each one of us of final and eternal punishment to come if we do not repent of our sin. The second world-wide intervention, The Punishment, flows from The Warning and is directly connected with it. Both come directly from God. So The Warning itself should convince us that God can, and does, and will directly punish the world for its sin if it does not change. The Punishment will mean change for us all, for it will be a catastrophe designed to change all of us. For some, it may mean eternal perdition, which they will freely choose in defiance of the Lord's insistence on repentance. Others will be saved "as if by fire." For the whole world, it will mean the end of and age, the "end of the times." The earth will never be the same again.

The Punishment will purify the earth. Whether or not The Punishment actually occurs, the "Triumph" of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will unfailingly emerge "in the end," and an "Era of Peace" will be given to the world. The "Triumph" means that hearts on earth will become like hers in heaven---free from sin. Peace in our hearts, like the peace in her Heart in heaven, will bring peace to the whole world. If The Punishment does not come, it will be because the world, through The Warning and The Miracle, will have repented, receiving contritely the gift of "The Triumph" in the forgiveness of Jesus. Thus "there will be peace," and the earth will be purified, without The Punishment.

But if we do not heed The Warning or let the lesson of The Miracle touch us deeply enough to give up our sin, then God's only and last recourse is The Punishment. He Himself will directly intervene, after a century and a half of tearful pleadings from Our Blessed Mother have failed to move us, and will remove sin from the face of the earth by removing sinners themselves from it. By His patient delay of the drastic surgery implied in The Punishment, He mercifully gives more time to those who are "on their way to perdition," but He cannot wait any longer, since it has become evident that their hearts are so hardened that the Holy Spirit will never be able to convert them. Since the danger is very great that if their course is not terminated they will "take many souls with them," then, "for the sake of the elect, the time will be shortened," and The Punishment will come to them to take them away.

God could have acted in such a manner at any time in history if He wished. There is even an Old Testament story describing how the world became so sinful that God "repented" that He had made men, and He sent a flood that drowned everyone except His faithful servant, Noe, and his family, and animals of every kind. It teaches the people of God that there is a limit to the lawlessness and degradation that the Lord will permit. God is holy and He is sovereign ruler; all creation must acknowledge Him. We must live according to His commandments, otherwise we will destroy ourselves and encounter the mysterious "wrath" of God.

Perhaps, with The Punishment, the story of Noe will acquire an apocalyptic significance that the author never envisioned, for The Punishment, like the Flood, may come upon an unheeding and scornful world to destroy its evil, while those who have cleansed their heart of sin and trusted in the Lord's mercy will be saved.

The survivors of The Punishment will be protected by the Lord for the Era of Peace, when the dove of the Holy Spirit will announce to us that the flood of wickedness has passed, and we can begin to live life anew, in the time of conversion when "all will love Our Hearts." In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, all men and women on earth will learn to be faithful, and they will fill the earth with love.

The Punishment will be the last of the punishments before the Era of Peace. God's work to bring the world to Himself will be done. Before the Gospel could be "preached to all the nations" "wars and rumors of wars" had to come, and many other calamities take place. The Warning and The Miracle had to happen to show the whole world that Jesus is Lord, so that all would abandon the errors which up to now have kept so many from embracing the Gospel and the Church. Only by The Warning, The Miracle, and either the threat of, or actual infliction of, the Punishment, could the world, the whole world, be made ready for the acceptance of the Good News of Jesus and His Way. For one hundred and fifty years the Mother of God had shown us that our afflictions were connected with our sins; we were being "punished" for them, both in this life and the next. The Punishment, if it comes, will be the utterly convincing evidence that her words have been true all along. There will no longer be any need for further punishment from God. The Punishment will effect a transformation of the world that will forever alter history. It will no longer be the way it was. The whole world will worship God and His Son Jesus Christ, come into the Church, and live lives worthy of Him. An era, a "certain period" of peace, will be given to the world.

The Punishment will not be the end of the world, nor will it be a war. The Blessed Virgin told the visionaries of Garabandal that The Punishment will not be a war. It will be directly from God. It will not be humanity's own doing. But The Punishment cannot mean the end of the world either, since there is an unconditional promise from Our Lady of Fatima that a "certain period of peace" will be given to the world after the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart, the consecration of Russia to that Heart, and Russia's conversion. Conchita did state that we would know, when we experience The Warning, that we would be entering into the end of time. But that may not mean the end of time is very near in human estimation, nor would necessarily imply that The Punishment itself will end time. After all, the Era of peace is surely coming. Perhaps her statement might better be interpreted to mean that The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment will together usher in the final age of the world.

No one will escape The Punishment, as none of us escaped The Warning. Directly from God, it will encompass everyone. Both the bad and the good will suffer, for in some way we are all tainted by sin. The punishment will invade every corner of the planet. Many will die, and Our Lady recommends that all should beg God's forgiveness, and that all Catholics should go to confession. Obviously this means that when The Punishment is imminent, there will still be time for all to confess. We will know beforehand that it is coming. All should be ready to enter eternity in God's grace, should they suffer death in The Punishment.

The Punishment will not therefore be so selective as was, for instance, the punishment of God in Egypt on the first-born, when the sons of the Egyptians died and those of the Israelites were "passed over." In The Punishment, both good and bad will die. No indication whatsoever is given about how many, or what proportion of the world's population will survive. But the coming of the "Era of Peace" afterwards assures us that some of us will pass through the fire of The Punishment unharmed. It would seem that the ones who are spared, whether they heeded The Warning and The Miracle or not, will certainly be finally converted by the trial of The Punishment. Every person who emerges from it alive will have no alternative but a new life. The old world will be gone. The results of the world's sinfulness will appear so abhorrent that people will want to reject sin completely. A New Pentecost will then become possible. The Era of Peace will blossom, the goodness of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will flourish in every heart in "triumph." The whole world will come into a reunited Church, and all nations will be at peace. If The Punishment comes, no one will escape it, but neither will anyone who lives after it fail to share the blessed peace that will renew the world.